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Sony A6700 Underwater Housing by Nauticam

Canon EOS R50 Pro Package by Nauticam

Sony alpha 1 Underwater Housing by Sea&Sea

Nikon Z9 Underwater Housing by Isotta

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Underwater Strobe WFS07 by Weefine


Humpback whales with calves

on Niue, South Pacific

08  - 22 August 2025

Every year between July and October, humpback whales migrate through Polynesia to raise their calves. 


Underwater Photography Workshop

Diveboat, Red Sea

10 - 17 Oktober 2024
Ready for the next level? At our workshop you can try new things at your own pace, get inspired and come home with great photos!

Humpback whales

on Niue, South Pacific

8 - 22 August 2025

Every year between July and October, humpback whales migrate through Polynesia to raise their calves. There are only a few places in the world where we can snorkel with these giants of the sea in such a relaxed way.


Underwater Photography Workshop

Liveaboard, Red Sea

10 - 17 Oktober 2024

Ready for the next level? At our workshop you can try new things at your own pace, get inspired and come home with great photos!



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S-220 Underwater Strobe
Ultra Wide, High Power, Compact Underwater Strobe Achieved an increades GN22 with the same compact size as the previous model (INON S-2000). A high-perfomance fly-eye dome to dramatically increase beam angle underwater. Large wheel dial for operability, easy to see phosphorescent panel. Double O-Rings greatly reduce the risk of flooding. Compact body yet delivers GN22 Equipped with a fly-eye dome lens enabling super wide underwater beam angle of horizontal 140°×vertical 100° Reliable and proven "S-TTL Auto" and 12-step "Manual Flash Large wheel dial for dramatically improved operability. A phosphorescent panel for easy readability Double O-rings greatly reduce the risk of flooding Front positioned base contributes more flexible lighting Operates on four AA batteries, readily available and reasonably priced Compatible with various strobe dome filters Supports "Quick Holder" for easy one-touch attachment/detachment Compact yet Powerful GN22 Despite of compact body, the S-220 spreads high-power GN22. The full-scale performance coupled with a wide underwater beam angle provides unparalleled performance as a main strobe in all areas, regardless of whether for wide-angle or macro photography or compact digital camera or SLR camera. Super Wide Beam of 140° Horizontal x 100° Vertical Underwater Created by Fly-eye Dome Lens A precisely calculated and uniquely designed fly-eye dome lens for the light-emitting part attains extraordinary underwater beam angles of 140° horizontally × 100° vertically with minimal light distribution Variation. This wide beam angle perfectly fills the "UWL-95S XD" + "Dome Lens Unit III" underwater coverage of horizontal 140° x vertical 100° (at 4:3 aspect ratio), enabling a single S-220 strobe to illuminate the entire image. Reliable "S-TTL Auto" and 12-step "Manual Flash" Equipped with reliable and proven INON original high-precision automatic "S-TTL Auto" flash control system and 12 step "Manual Flash" function with -0.5EV. increment. The S-TTL Auto system can be used not only with camera's built-in flash but also with INON original TTL converter equipped with INON housings, "X-2 R6 Mark II","X-2 R6" and "X-2 R5" for even more precise TTL system. You will never miss a shutter chance. Large Wheel Dial for Greatly Improved Controllability and Phosphorescent Control Panel Improves Readability Redesigned large control wheel and switches significantly improve operability. In addition, the rear control panel is white-based highly illuminant phosphorescent material, ensuring easy-to-read usability both during day and night diving. Double O-rings Significantly Reduce Flooding Risk Ball adapters such as the "Z Adapter MV" and "Direct Base Ⅲ" is located forward close to the light-emitting surface, instead of rearward in the previous models not let an optical cable to interfere lighting flexibility. Operates on 4 Readily Avaiable, Inexpensive AA Batteries Various Dome Filters The S-220 strobe is equipped with a bayonet mount to use various dome filters.Packaged dome filters are "Strobe Dome Filter S [SOFT]" which increases strobe beam angle to horizontal 150° x vertical 110° while reducing light intensity by -0.5EV. and "Strobe Dome Filter [ND]" which reduces light intensity by -4EV. specifically for macro imaging.In addition, two optional strobe color filters are available: Strobe Dome Filter S [4900K] and Strobe Dome Filter S [4600K], which warms native strobe color temperature 5500K to either 4900K or 4600K.

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Retra Flash PRO Max Underwater Strobe
The Pro Max has the highest power output of the new Retra Flash Series, a fresh OLED back panel display and offers the highest level of versatility that is appreciated by all underwater photographers. Engineered to Perfection For over a decade, a group of engineers and underwater photographers have teamed up with a single goal in mind: develop a true lighting tool for underwater photography. To reach this goal, we continuously examined feedback from photographers during every step of the development process. The end result is a travel friendly strobe that delivers top-tier performance in any lighting condition. So, whether you're a professional or just diving into the world of underwater photography, the Retra Flash will be your trusted companion on all your underwater adventures. 4th Generation of Underwater Strobe Technology With our 4th generation series, we listened to all your comments and made changes to the Retra Flash to better suit your needs. Electronics were completely redesigned with efficiency and performance in mind 4th Gen. Retra Flash uses less power for the same light output Optical triggering system is more reliable and able to read optical input even from sub-optimal fiber optic cables. Intuitive Back Panel Controls We've spent hundreds of hours analyzing feedback from photographers on the field and tweaking our designs to bring you a back panel you are immediately familiar with. We're also introducing a brand new innovation that is the centerpiece of the new Retra Flash Pro Max. The OLED display shows relevant information based on selected mode. The information is uncluttered and clearly displayed - even in sunny shallow waters! Information that can be seen on the display: Current mode Power setting Battery life indicator Capacitor recycle indicator And more! A reliable power source is the key Our 4th generation Retra Flash models have a completely redesigned battery compartment that can now hold 8x AA cells without the need for a separate battery compartment, when using the Booster. The Retra Flash is also the only underwater strobe with a built-in leakage detection system that warns you if water gets into the battery compartment. 

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Underwater Strobe WFS07 by Weefine
The Weefine WFS02 ring flashes have been specifically designed for underwater use to provide colourful and natural wide-angle illumination . A professional-grade round flash tube and powder-coated reflector perfectly produce a soft, blindingly warm 5500K light. The flash has a very short flash recycle time of 0.9 seconds at full power. In S2 mode, it can fire very quickly at all power levels in succession. In S2 mode it masters pre-flash suppression and in Sync mode the flash output is automatically adjusted (TTL mode of the camera).


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AOI Underwater
AOI UnderwaterAOI LIMITED was founded in Hong Kong in 1994 by a team of experienced managers and technicians. The production of compact film cameras, disposable cameras, disposable underwater cameras and underwater digital camera housings is the main business of the company. After years of intensive product development and excellent manufacturing, AOI developed into a professional manufacturer of OEM/ODM underwater camera housings and underwater electronic products.
backscatterThe manufacturer and dealer for underwater photography from the USA. Known for the popular MiniFlash 1 & 2 macro flash.
BigBlue LightsBigBlue entered the diving light market in 2007. The unique shape, colour and functionality offered by these first year models set the standard for the Bigblue brand. In the years that followed, BigBlue continued to build on its reputation for innovation, performance and quality to become an innovative manufacturer of leisure lights, technical lighting products and lights for the photo and video sector. BigBlue utilise the latest LED technology and incorporate creative accessory designs.
Carbonarm Carbonarm is a company that develops and manufactures a complete range of brackets for flash units and lighting of the highest quality. These mounts are easily adaptable to all models of underwater housings for cameras and camcorders, from compact to professional.These carbon arms represent a long-lasting investment as they are manufactured with the latest materials and treated with special finishes suitable for the marine environment. The longevity of the investment is also ensured by the fact that the carbon arms, balls, clips, tripods and various accessories allow easy adaptation to new equipment.
CinebagsAfter over a decade of making specialised bags for camera crews around the world, the American manufacturer has proudly launched a new line of products specifically for underwater photographers. Inspired by diving expeditions ranging from the depths of Mexico to the Philippines, a team of divers and designers from CineBags have a new product range to present. With the adventure camera crew in mind, the transport professionals have developed the Square Grouper.
FantaseaFantasea Line is an international company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing creative and affordable products, with a special focus on water sports, diving and underwater photography. In addition to manufacturing its own products, Fantasea Line works with leading international manufacturers on joint projects that help develop, test and commercialise their products.
fotocoreFOTOCORE is specialized in designing and manufacturing underwater lighting equipment. We are committed to providing high-end, precise, safe, and functional diving lights.All our new models are developed based on the feedback of professional  divers and underwater photographers around the world to ensure that all products are safe and user-friendly. Craftsmanship and attention to detail make our products the best choice for users worldwide. FOTOCORE products are not only tested in a hydraulic laboratory but also under the water by a specialized diving team.All FOTOCORE models and products have been rigorously tested and confirmed reliable up to 100 meters underwater before being released to the market. Our mission is to provide the very best quality products and become the most trusted brand in the field of underwater photography equipment.
INONThe Japanese manufacturer INON impresses with a diverse range of underwater equipment. From flashes and underwater housings to various buoyancy arms, bayonet systems and accessories.
IsottaSince 1967, the Isotta family has been distributing high-quality equipment for underwater video, photography and lighting and started its own production in 1980. Since then, Isotta has been known for its unmistakable red underwater housings made of high-quality aluminium. In four decades of development, the company has always offered its customers first-class red products made entirely in Italy.  With extensive industry experience, Isotta strives to develop the highest quality products that allow photographers worldwide to feel comfortable shooting underwater. Their cameras are protected from the elements, allowing them to create unforgettable moments in the water.
Keldan Lights KeldanLights began in the early 90s when Daniel Keller made a dive light as a birthday present for his wife. The performance and quality of the light was so good that he was asked to produce more for members of his local dive club. Since then, the company has grown into a globally recognised manufacturer of high-performance underwater video lighting equipment.Research and development KeldanLIghts is continuously working to improve our product line. We carefully design all of our optical, mechanical and electronic components in-house to ensure that even the professionals are confident in the quality of the products. All optical specifications are carefully tested and verified in our own laboratory. This enables us to produce ultra-compact lights that are not only extremely bright, but also provide the best lighting conditions and colours for special applications such as underwater videos. KeldanLights video lights are characterised by very compact dimensions, low weight and outstanding photometric properties. Thanks to their modular design, our lights can be configured to fulfil all the requirements of professional underwater video work. With our products, we set the standard for high-end underwater video lighting.
marelux Marelux was founded in the USA in 2020 and has production facilities in China. Marelux Precision Co. is headquartered in California, USA. Marelux is a dynamic technology company that develops innovative and reliable underwater systems for photography and film. Marelux specialises in combining classic accessories with new, smart technology. This makes underwater photography easier, smarter and safer.
Nauticam Nauticam's professional underwater housings made of high quality aluminum offer easy access to camera controls and ergonomic handling.  The manufacturer Nauticam is not only known for its professional underwater housings made of high-quality aluminum. The underwater lenses made of optical glass enable high resolution shots in the wide angle or macro range.
OneUWThe flash manufacturer from Italy is known for its Flash One 160X. Accessories and cables from OneUW for underwater strobes.
POP Underwater
POP underwaterA wide range of underwater equipment, such as clamps, buoyancy arms, lanyards, O-rings and carrying handles from POP Underwater.
Retra UWTAs a small but innovative manufacturer of underwater lighting systems, Retra-UWT has become a favourite of internationally awarded underwater photographers in just a few years. The revolutionary LSD Ultimate light shaper was just the beginning. With the RetraFlashes, there are now underwater flashes developed by underwater photographers for underwater photographers and real conditions in the water. There has never been so much light quality for exceptional shots!
Saga Dive
Saga DiveSince 2006, Saga Dive has been producing customised products for underwater photography, such as attachment lenses, buoyancy arms, flip mounts and much more. The company is based in Spain and is managed by José Sánchez Garrido.
Sea&SeaThe Japanese manufacturer Sea&Sea is a long-established manufacturer of underwater strobes and housings.Sea&Sea is the first choice for hobby underwater photographers, primarily because of its powerful underwater strobes.
StiXEasily equalise the downforce with the StiX buoyancy bodies. Easy-to-install buoyancy bodies for flash arms from StiX. Can be combined with a wide range of lattice arms.
T-Housing The T-Housing housings are milled from an aluminium block and can be used up to a diving depth of 150m thanks to their design. The housings therefore cover the needs of recreational divers, freedivers and extreme tec divers.
Tried and tested flash trigger for demanding underwater photographers. Use it with your DSLR or mirrorless camera for correctly exposed photos and longer battery life. So sexy ... The TURTLE SMART is a small and reliable TTL trigger for Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus and Panasonic cameras. So reliable ... The TURTLE SMART is powerful enough to handle 2000 shutter releases on a single charge. And you can use your standard USB cable for charging. So versatile... Should you opt for electrical  or optical LED connections - Turtle has the connection interface to handle both options. On the back of Turtle is a connection interface for both electrical and optical LED connections.Such an all-rounder... Full TTL mode compatible with multiple Sea&Sea, Inon, Ikelite and Subtronic underwater strobes. You can choose between fibre optic or sync cord control. The TURTLE SMART or the Mobie fits into most underwater housings. Availability of 2nd curtain and flash power correction It's up to you: switch between 1st or 2nd curtain mode to perfectly reproduce the movement. You also sometimes need flash power correction: no problem, Turtle takes care of that too... Continuous shooting mode With optical flash synchronisation, you can take more pictures: no more overheating problems with the built-in flash, no more single shots - and it also saves battery life in the camera.
UW-TechnicsThe reliable flash converters from UW-Technics are compatible with the most popular camera brands (Sony, Canon, OM Systems, Panasonic, Nikon, etc.). They are specially adapted to the underwater housings of various brands (Nauticam, Isotta, Sea&Sea, Marelux, Seacam, Subal etc.).
WeefineWeefine is a brand that specializes in underwater photography equipment products.The Weefine brand attaches great importance to product innovation and quality. They prioritize quality control, efficiency improvement, cost reduction, and timely delivery. Weefine continuously enhance our work methods and processes to improve product advantages and customer experience. We place a strong focus on quality control. The company is certified and compliant with GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2003 and GB/T24001-2016/ISO14001:2015 standards. In 2020, they upgraded thier Quality Department to a Quality Center, reinforcing our quality control capabilities during new product development and the manufacturing process.
Zen Underwater
Zen UnderwaterZen Underwater was founded in 2007 with one goal in mind, to design and develop the highest quality optical glass port available in the underwater imaging market. Our products have since been used by professionals in all corners of the world and have been touted by the best underwater photographers as being the finest dome ports available. Zen ports start with the best optical glass available. The surface is coated with a magnesium fluoride broadband anti-reflective coating to minimize reflections along with a proprietary scratch resistant coating to control lens flare. This results in one of the most optically pure glass ports available, with an amazing 99.7%+ transmissive value for true distortion free images. We are located in South Florida and have the amazing opportunity to put our equipment to the test every week on the beautiful Florida reefs and around the world. We are all divers and underwater photographers who contribute our experience and knowledge to the development of each product. This gives us the unique ability to not only offer superior products, but to share our real world experience and advice with all our customers.