Optical collector with M52
Optical collector with M52, suitable for Smart Focus 4000/5000/6000/7000.

Fiber Optic Calble for Remote Control
You need this fibre optic cable to operate the remote control on the matching Weefine lamps comfortably from the handle of your housing. The cable is not recommended for use with underwater flashes! 

Buoyancy Ring 8
This resulting wet weight with this Buoyancy Rings is as follows (data valid for fresh water): Video 8X Light with 1 Ring: 180gr  Video 8X Light with 2 Rings: 50gr Video 8M Light with 1 Ring: Neutral The rigid material is pressure-resistant to 180 m depth.

Universelle Lampenhalterung
Universelles Zubehör, anpassbar an viele Blitzgeräte und Kontrollleuchten, komplett mit 4 O-Ringen mit zwei verschiedenen Maßen, um die Montage von Leuchten unterschiedlicher Größe zu ermöglichen.

Barn door for 4/8X series
Start playing with shadow and light! Keldan Barn Door is a simple but very effective tool for creative adjustments. Narrow or widen the angle, focus the beam on your object. Can easily be plugged onto 4X and 8X series Lights.

Color Checker and Gray Card
Color Checker and Gray Card with waterproof resin coating The Color Checker is a pocket sized, industry standard 24 patch color checker target for fine tuning critical color. On the backside you get a gray card that is manufactured to be spectrally flat and provides you with a handy way to get a correct white balance.

Fiberoptisches Kabel für Fernbedienungseinheit von BigBlue
Glasfaserkabel zur Verwendung mit den Fernbedienungseinheiten an den folgenden Unterwasserlampen: VL10000PRC/CB10000PRC VL15000PRC/CB15000PRC Hinweis: Diese Kabel eignen sich nicht zur Verwendung an Blitzen

Fluorodiving Mask
This yellow fluoro mask and strap is specially designed to precisely match coral fluorescent wavelengths.

Kopfhaube mit Befestigung für eine Lampe
Diese Neoprenhaube hält ein Bigblue-Licht in einer sicheren Befestigung. Ideal für Nachttauchgänge, Wrackfotografie, Cenoten und Höhlen. Sie können die Bedienteile Ihrer Unterwasserkamera im Dunkeln erkennen und haben trotzdem beide Hände frei! Zu den Lampen von BigBlue Divelights, die mit der Haube verwendet werden können, gehören: AL450, CF450 und die Serie 1200. Es funktionieren aber auch Unterwasserlammpen anderer Hersteller mit einem Durchmesse von ca. 4 cm Lampen nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten.

Light connector for Easy release Mount
Montageplatte für das Easy Release System von BigBlue Dive Lights.

RC1 Remote Control by KeldanLights
Worlds 1st Underwater Remote Control The KELDAN RC1 is a wireless Remote Control and based on ultrasonic technology. It is available for Video 18XR lights and Video 24XR lights.  Outstanding features It has two brightness channels. Each channel can address an infinite number of lights simultaneously. A light can be paired with any of the two channels with a pairing mode. The range under water is about 50 meters. The RC1 remote control can also operate in air, but the range will be limited to about 1-2 meters. Easy mountable with ball adapter Range of 50m Control brightness individually on 2 channels Each Channel can address an unlimited number of lights Each Channel has a separate ID to avoid interference when multiple controllers are used at the same dive site Remote Control works with our new "XR" series lights Creative Freedom No more swimming back and forth to adjust lighting Fast and easy control of your lighting Place the lights wherever you want Opens new ways of shooting Works around the corner and through walls

Remote Control for Weefine lights
With this remote control you can operate the matching Weefine lamps conveniently from the handle of your housing.  To use this remote control you need a CR123A battery and fibre optic cable (both not included).

Snoot lens
Ultra-compact LED video light Weefine Smart Focus 1000FR. It is a hybrid light, it can work in continuous light mode or flash mode, of small dimensions with a luminous flux of 1000 lumen of white light and 200 lumen of red light, 60º angular coverage. Ultra-compact LED video light Weefine Smart Focus 1000FR. It is a hybrid light, it can work in continuous light mode or flash mode, of small dimensions with a luminous flux of 1000 lumen of white light and 200 lumen of red light, 60º angular coverage. In such a small light we have managed to incorporate continuous video light, flash detection option and red light, with these options any diver can achieve the best shots in their dives. Perfect for recreational diving and a great tool for lovers of photography or underwater video. White light adjustable in three intensities (100%, 50% and 25%) and red light adjustable in two intensities (100% and 50%). The light shows the state of charge by means of a light beam that surrounds the on / off button. The Smart Focus 1000FR is turned on by pressing 2 seconds and off by pressing the on / off button for 3 seconds. The 2-second press of the on / off button leaves the focus in flash mode waiting to receive a flash from the emitting source, at which time our focus begins to act in Flash mode. With battery charge status indicator by colors, this small but large focus gives 80 minutes at maximum power and 300 minutes in the flash function.

Strobe Light Holder LF
An optional product to attach one or two LF series LED flashlight on compatible lighting arm together with Z-330/D-200/S-2000/Z-240/D-2000 strobe etc. Directly attached on a YS type arm head like Shoe Base or Grip Base D4 in combination with the Z Joint. Pairing with the Z Adapter II enables to attach on a ball-joint product with a clamp. Usable as lighting arm to hold LF series LED flashlight only as well. You can attach one LED flashlight on either side or two flashlights when using Z adapter II/Z Adapter while using Z Joint allows to hold one flashlight on either side. Compatible LED Flashlight LF2400h-EW LF1100h-EWf LF650h-N LF3100-EW LF1300-EWf LF800-N LF2700-W LF1100-W,  LF1400-S LF1000-S  Compatible Strobe Z-330, D-200, S-2000(*1), Z-240, D-2000, D-2000S, D-2000W/Wn, D-180 (*2), D-180S, Z-220F, Z-220S (*2)

Easy release Goodman handle
Dieser leicht zu öffnende Goodman-Griff hat ein integriertes Schnellwechselsystem. Lampe nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten. Passt zu jeder Lampe mit einem zweipoligen Montagewinkel (AL1800 und höher).

Foam Clamp for Video 4X
The foam clamp reduces the weight of a 4X light to 110gr in water. The rigid material is pressure-resistent to 180 m depth.

Optionaler Handgriff in "Pistolen"-Form für Big Blue Lampen

Holder for WFA03 Remote Control
Bracket for attaching the Weefine remote control (WFA03) to a handle or similar. 

Remote Controller by BigBlue
Fernbedienungseinheiten für folgenden Unterwasserlampen: VL10000PRC/CB10000PRC VL15000PRC/CB15000PRC Hinweis: Es wird zusätzlich ein fiberoptisches Kabel von BigBlue benötigt

Spare battery 3*18650 Li-Ion, 3400mAh
Replacement battery for video lamp Smart Focus 2500, Smart Focus 3500

90° Reflektor for Modular Lights
90° reflector for Video 8M CRI/FLUX, Dive 8S/4S and LUNA 8 lights. This reflector provides a very soft beam with smooth edges. Thanks to the dome lens the wide angle is maintained even when submerged in water.

Ball head for ring lights and trays from Weefine
1-Zoll-Kugelkopf aus Aluminium inklusive Gewindeschraube zur Befestigung an Ringlampe oder Griffschienen sowie der Klemme PRO von Weefine

Barn door for Video 18X/24X series
Barn doors are fixed onto the front of Keldan lights. They have four hinged doors around the light source. That set up, seen right, can be changed so you can control the light shape.

Connector for Goodman Handle
Mounting plate for Goodman Handle by BigBlue Dive Lights.