M16 Abdeckung für Gehäuse (mit O-Ring)
Zu Abdeckung einer M16-Buchse an einem Unterwassergehäuse von Nauticam.

M24-M16 Step Down Adapter
This adapter steps down from M24 to M16 for sue with standard M16 HDMI 1.4 Bulkheads with housings equipped with M24 bulklheads.

Mounting Ball for monitor housing
compatible with: NA-502 NA-502B NA-503 NA-Ninja V NA-Ninja V-S NA-Shinobi NA-RT4.7 NA-FHD5 NA-058

O-ring set for underwater monitor WED7Pro
The set of O-rings is a spare part for the WED-7 Pro underwater monitor from Weefine.

M16 SDI Bulkhead
Bulkhead for SDI cables for M16 socket.

M16 to M14 step down adaptor
Allows for the use of M14 electrical bulkheads in M16 housing sockets.

M28-M16 Step Down Adapter
Step down adapter to convert an M28 to an M16 size bulkhead.

Socket extension for 25032 HDMI bulkhead with M16 thread
M16 Buchsen-Erweiterung, die für die Verwendung mit dem NA25032 Custom HDMI M16 Anschluss entwickelt wurde.

Standard HDMI Bulkhead with M16 Thread
Standard HDMI Bulkhead with M16 thread for Housing M16 socket.

Atomos Shogun Gehäuse-Befestigung
In Verbindung mit dem passenden Montageadapter ermöglicht dieses System die sichere und stabile Befestigung von kompatiblen Nauticam Monitor-/Recordergehäusen am Kameragehäuse, ohne dass Montagepunkte für die Beleuchtung geopfert werden müssen.  Prüfen Sie die Liste des empfohlenen Zubehörs oder das Benutzerhandbuch Ihres Monitorgehäuses, um die Kompatibilität sicherzustellen.

Custom HDMI bulkhead to use with socket extension
HDMI-Buchse, die speziell für die Arbeit mit Buchsenverlängerungen entwickelt wurde.

HDMI bulkhead with integrated HDMI 1.4 cable and type D connector
HDMI-Anschlussbuchse mit integriertem Kabel mit Typ D (Micro) Anschluss und Buchsenkappe.

M24-M14 Step Down Adaptor
Step Down Adaptor that reduces an M24 to an M14 socket.

M28 HDMI 2.0 Adaptor
For attaching HDMI 2.0 cable to M28 ports

Monitor Housing Mounting Adaptor
Dieser Kit ersetzt die standardmäßigen Griffaufsatzplatten, um die Montage von Monitoren an kompatibel Unterwassergehäusen von Nauticam zu ermöglichen.

Monitor Housing Mounting Adaptor
Dieser Kit ersetzt die standardmäßigen Griffaufsatzplatten, um die Montage vonNauticam Monitor-Gehäusen an kompatible Unterwassergehäuse von Nauticam zu ermöglichen.

Monitor Housing Mounting Adaptor to use with NA-GH4/GH5S/V/GH6
Dieses Kit ersetzt die standardmäßigen Griffaufsatzplatten, um die Montage des Monitor-Gehäusen an den NA-GH4/5/6 Unterwassergehäusen zu ermöglichen.

Replacement Bulkhead with Integrated LEMO Cable for NA-RT7 / RT4.7
Ersatzstecker mit passendem LEMO-Kabel für NA-RT7 / RT4.7

Replacement DSMC2 LEMO Adaptor for NA-RT7
Ersatz DSMC2 LEMO Adapter für NA-RT7 für REDTouch Monitor

SDI Cable Extension Adapter
Allows for the extension of an Nauticam underwater SDI cable.

Vacuum Detection/Moisture Alarm PCB set
The electronic monitoring electronics are compactly integrated into the leak detector of the enclosure, where they constantly measure the vacuum level and report its status via a multi-coloured LED that is clearly visible on the back of the enclosure. This advanced electronics has advanced temperature compensation capability so that changes in ambient or internal temperature will not cause a false signal. From NA-70 to NA-70, the vacuum level is monitored by a multicolour LED that is clearly visible on the front of the enclosure. From NA-70D for Canon 70D onwards, all new Nauticam DSLR and Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera housings are supplied with the electronic monitoring circuitry installed as standard. Vacuum valves are sold as optional equipment, allowing the user to customise the configuration of the housing accessory as required. The recognition of the LED colour codes is very simple. At ambient pressure, the LED flashes blue slowly. When a fixed vacuum is reached, the LED changes to a constant green, indicating system integrity. When the vacuum starts to decrease, the LED starts to flash yellow, and when water ingress is detected, the LED flashes red and the audible alarm goes off. VACUUM VALVE (to be ordered separately) The second component of this system is a one-way vacuum valve, which is available in different versions to support different enclosure configurations. These vacuum valves include an integrated vacuum release and redundant waterproof cap. No tools are required to open the housing after a vacuum has been created, as the vacuum is released with a simple knurled nut. The basic valve uses a hand pump to create the vacuum, but a more advanced double activation vacuum valve is also available. The double activation valve takes a BCD low pressure inflator hose quick release and uses the cylinder pressure to create a venturi effect that pulls the vacuum. This is recommended for hulls such as Nauticam's DCES for RED EPIC and SCARLET, where the internal volume of the hull makes the use of a hand pump impractical.. "Offset"-relief valves are used when a housing has a single accessory hole, but both a vacuum valve and an electrical partition need to be installed in the same location. This will allow most homes to take advantage of this valuable tool. All vacuum valves also include a hand pump and a wrench tool to install the valves. THE CONCLUSION. This new system is the most advanced Integritätsprüf system on the market and the only one with integrated leak detection and temperature compensation. With its intuitive multi-colour LED status codes, the underwater photographer can now be sure with a simple glance that the waterproof integrity of the housing is assured.