Statement for insurers

Has an accident happened to your equipment? Fortunately, you have an insurance that covers it? If so, they often require an appraisal by a qualified specialist dealer. Our Service Centre will be happy to help you!

How does it work?

What you need to do

Please check with your insurer first to find out exactly what documentation you need. Depending on your policy conditions, we may be allowed to confirm your underwater equipment and in some cases also the water damage to your camera equipment. However, this is not possible with all insurers.

To be able to give an assessment, we need the damaged equipment at our service centre in Münster. A statement or a cost estimate based only on photos or verbal statements is not possible.

Please download the following form, print it out and fill it in (please tick "appraisal") and send it to our Service Centre together with the damaged goods.

Confirmation Service-Center

Please note that we cannot accept packages sent in freight collect. Unfortunately, we cannot process submissions without the completed and signed form!

What does it cost?

Expense allowance

For this service we charge a fixed fee of € 49.90 (incl. 19 percent VAT), which is due immediately.

Subsequently, in the following cases, this will be compensated in full:

  • You commission us with the repair with a minimum order value of € 150 (incl. 19 percent VAT).
  • You make the replacement purchase of the inspected goods from us. 
  • If the replacement items are no longer available: you buy the corresponding successor items from us.
In the event that you neither wish a repair nor purchase a replacement product from us, we will return the defective goods to you.

The Statement

What we do

As soon as your shipment has reached our Service Centre, you will receive confirmation of receipt from us as well as the invoice for the lump sum for expenses.

After receipt of the money, our service will prepare a photo documentation, a description of the damage as well as a list of the expected costs for the claim settlement. We will also provide an assessment of the economic feasibility of a repair. 

 Please note that depending on the workload of our service centre, the processing time can be three to four weeks.

What happens next

You will receive the statement as a PDF file from us by e-mail. You can then submit this to your insurance company.
If you wish, we will keep the inspected goods here until you have received a response from your insurance company. 
As soon as you have decided what to do with the goods, please contact us.

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