GoPro Hero9/Hero10 Aluminium Underwater Housing by T-HOUSING
High End Aluminium Housing for GoPro HERO11, 10 and 9 black  CNC machined from one block of aluminium and hard anodised . Waterproof up to 250m Optimum heat dissipation – thus virtually fog-free . Replaceable zinc sacrificial anode Optional magnetic filter set and magnetic macro lens . Mounts via two 1/4′ camera threads on the bottom of the housing. If you need a GoPro-compatible mounting option, a corresponding adapter is available, but must be ordered separately. The neoprene bag is included in the scope of delivery. The camera pictured for illustration purposes is NOT included in the scope of delivery. This product is not owned, supported by, or affiliated in any way with GoPro Inc. or its products and services. GoPro, HERO and corresponding logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of GoPro, Inc. .

Filter parking station (T-HOUSING H10 Power for GoPro Hero 11/10/9)
With the Filter Parkstation by T-Housing magnetic filters or the macro lens can be easily "parked" between. Suitable for the T-Housing H10 Power for the GoPro Hero 9 and 10 and 11.

GoPro® Hero9/10/11 Underwater Housing by Isotta
Are you looking for adrenaline even underwater and have you relied on GoPro to tackle demanding challenges? Trust us, we give you the best in terms of safety, quality and challenges. Our housing will be able to follow you up to 200 meters deep even in the coldest waters or adverse condition to show you the unexplored. Product details Isotta Underwater Housing GoPro Hero 9 Black and GoPro Hero 10 With the two raised buttons on the case, you can manage all the functions of the actioncam quickly and easily even with gloves. The two displays on the GoPro are perfectly visible thanks to the large openings protected by scratch-resistant methacrylate, shaped on the shape of the screens, and a removable rear lens hood that ensures optimal viewing of the display in any light condition or situation. ONE HAND OPEN/CLOSE The quick opening with one hand allows you to be operational in a few minutes; the rear cap detaches completely from the front body, so the inserting of the GoPro is free of obstacle. PORT The flat port on the housing have the same size of the original GoPro Hero 9 Black housing, so that you can use all the original and universal accessories. CONSTRUCTION AND SAFETY The materials used for the construction and assembly of the housing are of high quality such as anticorodal anodized aluminum and stainless steel. The double O-rings guarantee the hermetic seal of all the moving and removable parts of the housing up to a guaranteed depth of 200 meters. An hole located at the bottom allows you to secure the case with a safety strap. An upper slide and two different holes, one M6 and one 1/4 W, on the bottom support the use of various accessories. Controls Shutter button; Mode button ON and OFF Highlights All GoPro Hero9/Hero10/Hero11 key main controls Easy one hand housing open/close Double high precision and quality O-Ring seals

Filter parking station (T-HOUSING for GoPro Hero 10 and Hero 9)
With the Filter Park Station by T-Housing, magnetic filters or the macro lens can be easily "parked" between. Suitable for the T-Housing of the GoPro Hero 5/6/7 and X9.

Filter parking station (T-HOUSING for Hero 11/10/9)
Screwed onto an immersion rail, the parking station can be used to quickly and easily “park” magnetic filters that are not required or the macro lens. Only suitable for magnetic filters and filter frames for the T-HOUSING for Hero 11, 10 and 9.

GoPro® Griffplatte (einfach) von BigBlue Dive Lights
Das "einarmige" Variante des beliebten BBGPTRAYs von BigBlue Dive Lights.  Der Arme des Tabletts nach Ihren Bedürfnissen nach innen oder außen verschiebbar Aluminiumbasis und Griffe mit einem bequemen Neoprengriff für jeden Arm. Der Griff hat einen 1-Zoll-Kugelkopf an der Oberseite der Arme. Die Griffplatte wird mit einem eloxierten Go Pro®-Adapter aus Aluminium, Schrauben und einem Schraubenschlüssel geliefert.

GoPro® Griffplatte mit einzelnem Flexiarm
Diese flexible zweiarmige Griffplatte wird mit zwei 7-Zoll-Flexarmen geliefert, um Ihre Unterwasserlampen perfekt zu platzieren! Kann mit GoPro®-Adaptern verwendet werden. Hinweis: Die Flexiarms sind mit Lampen kompatibel, die nicht schwerer als 300 g sind. Dies ist auf die Flexibilität des Arms zurückzuführen, der bei einem zu hohen Gewicht die gewünschte Position nicht halten kann.

Adapter for Inon lenses (T-HOUSING für GoPro Hero 11, 10 und 9)
This adapter enables the use of the Inon lenses UFL-G140 SD and UCL-G165 SD on the standard T-HOUSING for GoPro Hero 9/10/11 from year 2020 and later (not suitable for H10 POWER). Only suitable for the T-HOUSING 250m aluminum deep diving housing for Hero 11, 10 and 9.

Extendable GoPro® Grip Plate by BigBlue Dive Lights
The popular BBGPTRAY by BigBlue Dive Lights is now extendable.  The arms of the tray can be moved inwards or outwards according to your needs. Aluminium base and handles with a comfortable neoprene grip for each arm. Each handle has a 1-inch ball head at the top of the arms. The handle comes with an anodised aluminium Go Pro® adapter, screws and a spanner.

GoPro Hero11/10/9 H10 POWER Underwater Housing by T-HOUSING
More power underwater for the GoPro HERO9 and HERO10 black With the T-Housing H10 Power it is also possible to use the GoPro underwater in combination with the Digipower Re-Fuel Hero 9&10 battery pack. Above water, long recordings at high resolutions and frame rates are limited to the battery life. With the battery pack underwater, not only is battery life maximized - the T-Housing aluminum housing becomes a giant heat sink underwater. This makes recordings of 5 - 6 hours possible. Each T-HOUSING consists of a high-quality aluminum alloy for maximum stability. All housing parts are individually milled from a single aluminum block using the latest CNC machines. Each housing is individually pressure tested after production. Optimal protection and outstanding function The extremely stable housing protects your valuable camera from water and the hardest blows – down to a diving depth of 250m. Due to the optimal heat dissipation of the aluminum housing, your camera is protected against fogging on the front lens – clear view without desiccant! Each T-HOUSING can be mounted by using two 1/4″ tripod threads, for which there is also an optional non-rotating adapter to standard GoPro attachments.

GoPro® Hero8 Black Underwater housing from Isotta
With the same attention to detail and robustness as the Isotta DSLR housings, the Isotta underwater housing for the GoPro Hero8 Black is a professional photographer's tool for underwater use. Easy access to all important camera controls, even with gloves on. The rear flap has a large window for a good view of the camera display and is completely separated from the front body; a rubber contour makes GoPro Hero8 Black camera attachment easy. A removable rear bonnet provides an excellent view of the display in any condition. Opening and closing with one hand It is very easy to open and close GoPro Hero8 Black without any effort by the user thanks to the button and the centring pins; the camera is absolutely stable and secure. Port, close-up AND wide-angle lenses The front port, which is equipped with high quality standards of materials, ensure perfect image quality. The flat housing port for the underwater housing by Isotta for the GoPro Hero8 Black has been created in the same size as the original, so you can use most of the accessories available on the market. Construction and safety Only the best materials are used in the manufacture of Isotta underwater enclosures, such as anodised aluminium, which is anti-corodal and thermally coated, and stainless steel. A durable product that requires only simple and quick maintenance by the user. Two high-precision and high-quality O-ring seals protect and ensure a perfect and safe watertightness for all moving and / or removable parts. The nominal depth is 200 metres. A hole on the bottom of the housing allows the GoPro Hero8 Black housing to be attached with a grip plate/strap. Various accessories can be mounted using the Isotta top handle or the M6 and 1/4 inch threaded holes on the bottom. Operating option GoPro Hero8 Black ON/OFF Shutter button Mode button