Olympus Tough TG-5 TG-6 TG-7 Underwater Housing by Weefine
The Weefine WFH-TG6 for the Olympus TG5/TG6/TG7 is an outstanding example of the next generation of high-end housings for compact cameras. With excellent fit and finish, rugged construction, and meticulous attention to detail, all in a user friendly sized package, this is a beautifully executed housing. Ergonomic command dials make this housing a joy to use. An easy to use, highly professional product has been created through techniques and innovations gained from years of experience. The housing for Olympus Tough! TG5/TG6 perfect handling by means of an adjustable strips. Easy access to all key/main camera controls by means of clearly labelled laser-engraved longlasting buttons. The back door has a large window for a fine camera display view and it is entirely detached from the front body to make easier the camera fitting. ONE HAND OPEN/CLOSE It?s very fast to open and close Olympus Tough! TG6/TG6, without any efforts by the user thanks to the side helicoid screw and the bottom centered pins. The housing stands with great stability due to sturdy and wide rubber feet located on the bottom. PORT, CLOSE-UP AND WIDE-ANGLE LENSES The housing for Olympus Tough! TG6/TG6 ends with a tempered glass optic and features a M52 thread mount that allows the use of additional wide angle lens and macro lens. CONSTRUCTION AND SAFETY Only the best materials are used to manufacture our housings such anodized aluminum which is anticorodal and thermo-coated and stainless steel. A longlasting product that requires easy and simple maintenance by the user. So small and so rich in technology! Dual high precision and quality O-Ring seals protect and ensure a perfect and secure watertight for all movable and / or removable parts; an alarm for humidity/water inside the housing is powered by a battery replaceable by the user. Working depth is 100 metres. An hole positioned on the bottom allows to secure the housing for Olympus Tough! TG-5/TG6 with a strap. Different accessories can be fitted by means of an upper sliding tray and double threaded NC1/4 holes on the bottom. BUILT-IN VACUUM SYSTEM Weefine Smart Housing has vacuum leak check circuitry and valve built-in. Just use the included pump to secure your housings against leaks before your dive. Vacuum system lets yuou clearly know if the housing is sealed before diving. This is important to keep yourdevices safe.

WED-5 Underwater Monitor
5-inch HD Underwater Monitor by Weefine A lightweight made of aluminium that is travel-friendly and practical. This is how the WED-5 underwater monitor from Weefine presents itself. With a brightness of just under 500 nits and 16.7 million colours, it allows you to fully assess your shots even in the water. The monitor housing is milled from aluminium in the highest precision and then protected with a solid surface anodisation. This makes the monitor resistant to salt water and overheating.

Smart Housing (without depth sensor)
  Das Unterwassergehäuse für (fast) jedes Smartphone Das WFH06 Smart Housing ist ein universelles Smartphone-Gehäuse, das mit den meisten Smartphones auf dem Markt kompatibel ist, unabhängig vom iOS- oder Android-Betriebssystem. Stelle einfach sicher, dass die Bluetooth-Funktion deines Geräts eingeschaltet ist, verbinde dich mit der APP des Smartgehäuses und lege das Telefon in das Gehäuse! Überprüfe ganz einfach, ob das Gehäuse durch das Vakuumversiegelungssystem geschützt ist. Viel Spaß beim Tauchen! Mit anderen Worten: Das Weefine WFH06 ist ein wasserdichtes Gehäuse für Tauchausrüstungen, das für die meisten Smartphones geeignet ist, solange dein Handy nicht größer ist als die Innenmaße 165 mm (Länge) x 85 mm (Breite) x 9,5 mm (Höhe) (max.), wird es funktionieren.  

Smart Housing Pro (with depth sensor)
The underwater gear for (almost) every smartphone The WFH05 Smart Housing Pro is a universal smartphone housing that is compatible with most smartphones on the market, regardless of iOS or Android operating system. Just make sure your device's Bluetooth function is turned on, connect to the smartphone's APP and place the phone in the case! Simply check that the case is protected by the vacuum sealing system. Have fun diving! In other words, the Weefine WFH06 is a waterproof case for diving equipment that is suitable for most smartphones, so as long as your phone is no larger than the internal dimensions of 165 mm (length) x 85 mm (width) x 9.5 mm (height) (max.), it will work. New 2023 model: Expanding the internal space and adding an M16 connection for use with external monitors; The 18650 lithium battery can be used as a rechargeable battery for the camera and as a power source for the electric vacuum pump;

Underwater Monitor WED-7 Pro by Weefine
The WED-7 Pro is a professional HD monitor specially designed for underwater photographer. The product is made of aluminum alloy, with carbon-fiber trim panels and delicate stainlesssteelchrome-plated buttons. It is High-end and professional product. The underwater monitor uses a full HD FHD display, plays for 4K HDMI input and outout,and is configuredwith a variety of auxiliary tools, so that the photographer is more freely and with ease in shooting. Professional auxiliary shooting function: The product has a variety of professional shooting functions, such as: brightness histogram, audio column, auxiliary focus, false color, exposure prompt, monochrome display, nine grid, square, etc., all can better help the photographer effectively monitor and control the picture to the process of shooting and creating works. Long back-up life: The product is powered by two 18650 lithium batteries, the longest working time can be up to 3.5 hours, and the product has a battery indicator light, so that the photographer can observe the battery power at any time. 4K signal transmission: The product supports 4K HDMI input and output, and high-definition pictures of the camera can be displayed on the monitor in real time through 4K signal transmission of HDMI. 7-inch FHD: The product features a 7-inch full HD screen with 1920x1200 resolution and 440PPI pixel density, as well as 500CD /m² high brightness and 1200:1 high contrast. Ultra-wide viewing Angle: The choice of IPS display has an ultra-wide viewing Angle of 160°, which allows the photographer to easily get a clear picture when adjusting the position. True color: The product uses the trustworthy Rec.709 high-definition color standard in the professional field, and accurately restore the color without distortion or color bias, it shows the real image. Hood: The product design has a professional hood, so that the photographer can get the ideal viewing effect when using in the outdoor bright light. Excellent image processing engine: the product is matched with an independent image processing engine, which improves the light and dark effect and contrast of the picture, so that the picture quality is more exquisite. Excellent deep waterproofing effect: UP to 80m/263ft IP68 waterproofing grade: professional waterproofing design, full process technology and quality control, as well as real simulation of various deep water conditions of pressure testing.