WFL01 Ultra Wide-Angle Lens
The Weefine WFL01 Ultra Wide Angle Interchangeable Lens is designed for use on cameras with lenses up to 24mm focal length (35mm & equivalent) without noticeable vignetting. With this interchangeable lens you can reach almost 145 degrees. With a 67 mm thread that fits over the opening of the housing and can be installed and removed during the dive. The lens consists of 4 high quality low dispersion optical glasses and a hard coated polycarbonate dome to correct unwanted aberrations. All glass lenses have a broadband anti-reflective coating (BBAR). Compared to a standard fisheye lens, the Weefine WFL-01 extends the hyperfocal distance and facilitates the capture of immersive close-focus wide-angle images. With 24mm lenses (35mm & equivalent) with corner-to-corner focus, wide-angle shots of up to 145 degrees are possible. Perfect for capturing seascapes, divers, shipwrecks and schools of fish without having to move further away from the subject, while still taking full advantage of water clarity and artificial light sources. Can be mounted to ports with 67 mm thread or to other ports using an Adapter. Key features: Enlargement 0.53x Corrosion-resistant Aluminium Dome made of optically high-quality polycarbonate Optical glass lenses with multi-layer BBAR coating Depth up to 60 m Supplied with carrying case, neoprene protector and Rück cover

WFL11 Standard Wide Angle Lens (M52)
The Weefine WFL11 M52 Underwater Wide Angle Lens is a wet-mount standard wide angle conversion lens designed to work best with Olympus TG series camera housings. The lens cancels out refraction and restores the camera?s topside field of view underwater while also enhancing the image clarity, sharpness, and contrast. With an 90° angle of coverage, sharp corners, no vignetting at 24mm, and an easy to use 52mm threaded mount, this lens is perfect for both veteran and new wide angle underwater photographers. It?s the most versatile lens for shooting both macro and wide angle on the same dive with the Olympus TG-5 or TG-6 because you never have to remove the lens.

WFL07 Cell Wide-Angle Lens (M52)
Weefine WFL07 Cell wide-angle interchangeable lens is designed to be used with Smartphone housings with lenses as wide as 24mm (35mm equivalent). With this conversion lens you can get almost 84.1 degree. With a 52mm thread, which fits over the housing?s port and can be  The lens is constructed from 4 high-quality low dispersion optical glasses and a hard coated polycarbonate dome to correct unwanted aberration. All the glass lenses have been coated with (BBAR) broadband anti-reflection coating. Compared to a standard fisheye lens, the Weefine WFL07 extends the hyper-focal distance and makes capturing immersive close-focus wide-angle shots easier. Up to 84.1 degrees wide-angle view is possible with 24mm (35mm equivalent) lenses with corner to corner sharpness. Perfect for shooting seascape, divers, ship wrecks and schools of fish, without moving further away from the subject, thereby still taking full advantage of water clarity and artificial light sources. Can be mounted on 52mm threaded lens ports or other lens ports by using an adaptor. Key Features: Magnification 0.57x Corrosion resistant aluminium allow lens body Optical grade polycarbonate resin dome Optical glass lenses with multi layer BBAR coating Depth rated to 80m Comes with carry case, neoprene dome cover and read cap

WFL09S Ultra-Wide Angle Conversion Lens 0,32 x
This attachment lens extends the angle of view of a 60mm lens on a full-frame camera to 154.8 ° (corresponds to approx. 125 ° in water). But it can do even more: not only does it reduce distortion to a minimum. It also allows the aperture to be opened up to level 2.8. This makes a big difference to conventional underwater attachment lenses. Thanks to its extraordinary design, the attachment lens has just 60 g of negative buoncay in salt water.

WFL12 Wide Angle Lens (M67)
The Weefine WFL12 M67 Underwater Wide Angle Lens is a wet-mount standard wide angle conversion lens designed to work best with Sony RX100 and Canon G7x series camera housings. The lens cancels out refraction and restores the camera's topside field of view underwater while also enhancing the image clarity, sharpness, and contrast. With an 90° angle of coverage, sharp corners, no vignetting at 24mm, and an easy to use 67mm threaded mount, this lens is perfect for both veteran and new wide angle underwater photographers. It is the most versatile lens for shooting both macro and wide angle on the same dive with the Sony RX100 and Canon G7x series because you never have to remove the lens.

BigEye Attachment Lens M67 Mark II
Patented 67mm threaded wide-angle lens that fits onto an M67 housing mount and can be fitted and removed during the dive. Perfect for capturing underwater landscapes, divers, shipwrecks and schools of fish without moving further away from the subject, taking full advantage of visibility and artificial light sources. The BigEye M67 Mark II lens features a multi-layer anti-reflective coating on both sides of the lens, significantly reducing lens flare.   Can be mounted on M67 thread or with an adapter on other port connections.

Dome Lens Unit IIIA by INON
Successfully delivers underwater angle of view approx. 141° when using with a digital camera equipped with a large (i.e. 1.0 inch) image sensor. Smaller size comparing to the previous Dome Lens Unit II. The Dome Lens Unit IIIA Using High Transparency Optical Acrylic Material High transparency and lightweight optical acrylic dome provides quality image on a level with that of optical glass dome. Acrylic is better tolerated than polycarbonate to discoloration by inevitable ultraviolet rays outdoors or scratches during long-term usage assuring underwater use. The acrylic version is budget-friendly so would be good choice for those thinking to start wide angle photography. Optical Multi-coating Dramatically Improves Performance in Backlit Situation Both acrylic and glass version are finished with optical multi-coating which suppresses flare/ghosting effectively when shooting in bright and clear water or using back lighting technique to produce clear and quality images with appropriate contrast. Maximum Underwater Angle of View 141° The UWL-95 C24’s native underwater coverage approx. 95° will further increase to approx. 141° by installing the Dome Lens Unit III. A compact digital camera equipped with a large 1.0-type image sensor fitted with this optical combination enables to deliver vivid wide angle imaging as like an action camera without vignetting. *Rated angle of view is approximate value. No Vignetting at Zoom Wide End 24 mm Comparison shots by Sony DSC-RX100M5A at wide end (24 mm) Dome Lens Unit II Dome Lens Unit III The Dome Lens Unit III is optimally designed for a compact digital camera equipped with a large 1.0-type image sensor enabling to shoot at wide end 24mm/f1.8 without vignetting. Compatible with a water-proof camera equipped with standard 1/2.3-type image sensor as well to shoot without vignetting at zoom wide end 25mm. No need to zoom in or change camera zoom setting not to have vignetting as like previous models. Minimum Focusing Distance 0cm As same as the UWL-95 C24 wide lens, a combination with the Dome Lens Unit III keeps same minimum focusing distance 0cm.* Both Close Focus Wide Angle (CFWA) imaging just in front of a subject or wide imaging to capture broad seascape are possible through the same lens combination. *At zoom wide end Usable with All Zoom Range Usable throughout all zoom range.  For confirmed usable camera/housing click here Selectable Dome Material When Repairing Either acrylic or glass material is available when purchasing. The dome material is replaceable one to another when repairing based on usage or budget as both material use same dome lens barrel.

Wet Wide Lens 1B with float collar (WWL-1B) by Nauticam
The next generation of WWL-1 is here!  The WWL-1B features the same stunningly sharp optics as the WWL-1, but it now includes an integrated aluminum buoyancy collar to make it nearly neutral in water.  The WWL-1 and now WWL-1B are still the highest quality wet-changeable underwater wide-angle conversion optics ever made, featuring unmatched contrast, overall sharpness, corner sharpness, and clarity. The design is truly full zoom through, allowing zoom to to be used as a tool for framing, and removable in water for close-up and macro shots. INTRODUCING WET WIDE LENS 1B (WWL-1B) 130 DEG. FOV WITH COMPATIBLE 28MM LENSES (INCL. FLOAT COLLAR) The WWL-1 is the highest quality wet-changeable underwater wide-angle conversion optic ever made, featuring unmatched contrast, overall sharpness, corner sharpness, and clarity. The design is truly full zoom through, allowing zoom to to be used as a tool for framing, and removable in water for close-up and macro shots. NA-GX7 & Nauticam WWL-1 Lens Showreel from Nauticam on Vimeo. Breakthrough lens design Every Nauticam lens is a "clean slate" design. These optical systems are engineered entirely as underwater corrective and conversion optics, and not adaptations of in air designs. The process isn't an easy one, but the images captured by WWL-1B and previous Nauticam optical designs prove the effort is well spent. Uncompromised Optical Quality WWL-1B is constructed of 6 precisely ground elements of highly refractive optical glass. All internal elements are coated with a broadband anti reflective coating to keep flare and internal reflections to an absolute minimum. WWL-1 besteht aus 6 präzise geschliffenen Elementen aus hochbrechendem optischem Glas. Alle Innenelemente sind mit einer breitbandigen Anti-Reflexionsschicht beschichtet, um Streulicht und Innenreflexionen auf ein absolutes Minimum zu reduzieren.   Zoom to frame WWL-1B is a full zoom through lens, performing well through the entire zoom range of popular compacts and Micro Four Thirds systems with power zoom lenses. This feature distinguishes this lens from all others on the market, which are designed to be used at a single focal length. The ability to be used with zoom makes WWL-1 extremely versatile! A touch of zoom can be used to crop a subject in camera, or for close-up shots without removing the lens. Stunning field of view 130 degrees of glorious wide angle coverage, and even a bit wider if your camera system allows it! This is a field of view that sits between the popular full frame fisheye lenses (180 degrees diagonal) and ultra wide rectilinear zooms (approximately 110 degrees). This coverage angle was targeted from the very beginning as an ideal coverage angle for a wide variety of underwater imaging scenarios. Big animals, close focus wide angle shots of reef dwelling creatures, and even mid-range fish portraits are all within the range of WWL-1B. Incredible sharpness and contrast The cutting edge optical design employed in WWL-1 results in extremely high overall sharpness, contrast, and edge sharpness. The design is optimized for the high resolution sensors of today, as well as the even higher resolutions sensors of tomorrow. Close focus The ability to focus close is key, and WWL-1B does amazingly well. With all compatible systems at wide angle the lens is able to focus on the front of its dome lens element, maximizing the impact of even small subjects. Amazingly, with the Panasonic 14-42 Power Zoom, the lens is still able to focus on the front of the dome port when zoomed to full telephoto! The best macro images will always be obtained by removing WWL-1 and mounting a macro converter (such as CMC or SMC), but in situations where that is difficult close-up shots can still be obtained without removing the wide angle conversion lens. Compatibility Wet lenses have traditionally been an accessory geared toward compact cameras, but Nauticam set out from the very beginning to support a wider range of systems, with larger sensor sizes. Most impressive is the outstanding performance available with the full frame Sony A7 series cameras using the Sony 28mm /2 Prime lens. In our tests, this combo out-performed all of the Sony wide angle lenses behind dome ports, and is especially well matched to the demanding 42 megapixel sensor in Sony A7R II. Micro four thirds systems used with power zoom lenses are another compelling combination. 130 Degrees on the wide end, with a 3x Zoom Range, and close focus on the front of the dome. This combination is wider, sharper, and has less distortion than the Panasonic 7-14 F/4 and Olympus 7-14 F/2.8 lenses behind a dome port. Twist off the lens, and snap on a CMC for high powered macro photography, capturing an image area 22mm (just under 1?) wide! The full range of compatible systems is listed below. Simple bayonet mounting A new bayonet mounting system has been designed to accompany the WWL-1B release, and maximize ease of use. Lenses snap into place, and are securely locked. A red locking tab releases the lens for removal, and lens holders provide storage for lenses on a strobe arm when not in use. The bayonet mount system has been designed to incorporate vents that quickly flood the space between lens and camera, washing away air bubbles.

0.6 x Wide-angle lens SeaLens
One of the few wide-angle lenses for smartphones that doesn't distort your images. 

Dome Lens Extension IIIG by Inon
The Dome Lens Extension IIIG uses a multi-coated optical glass lens that provides high image quality under all shooting conditions. Dome lens extensions features a multi-coated optical dome element that effectively suppresses flare/ghost images and provides a sharp image with stable contrast even when shooting in bright and clear water. Installing this super wide-angle option on the UWL-95 C24 increases the underwater angle of view to approximately 141° and reduces the focusing range at a minimum focusing distance of 0 cm to bring the subject into focus on the lens surface. Verdict: Superior ultra-wide dome lens suitable for a wide range of shooting conditions, not only for wide seascapes but also for Close Focus Wide Angle (CFWA). The dome lens extensions IIIA and IIIG use the same lens tube, so that other dome material can be used if necessary (e.g. when replacing damaged original dome material). NOTE: The IIIA/G dome lens unit must be used with the UWL-95 C24 series underwater lens and cannot be used as a standalone lens.

SeaLens wide angle attachment lens (105°)
Extend the viewing angle of your smartphone to a whopping 105 degrees in the water. You'll also be able to capture the really big motifs!

UCL-165 XD Close-up Lens
Der neue Bajonettanschluss "XD Mount" von INON lässt sich einfach anbringen und abnehmen, indem du den Verriegelungshebel drückst und das Objektiv halb drehst.  Mit dem "XD Lens Holder" kannst du problemlos zwischen Weitwinkel und Makro wechseln. Du kannst bequem Makromotive und dynamische Unterwasserlandschaften aufnehmen, sogar in einem einzigen Tauchgang.  Mit dem XD Mount musst du dir keine Sorgen um die Verankerung des Objektivs aufgrund von Salzablagerungen machen, wie sie bei schraubbaren Objektivhaltern auftreten können. Der "XD Mount" wurde exklusiv für die Originalgehäuse der Olympus "Tough TG"-Serie und der Sony "RX100"-Serie entwickelt.  Der "XD Mount" ist mit einem Stopper ausgestattet, der versehentliches Drehen und Klappern verhindert. Außerdem behindert die "XD Mount" kein Glasfaserkabel, wenn ein Weitwinkelkonverter an einem Olympus-Gehäuse angebracht ist.  Für die kombinierte Verwendung von Blitzgerät und "XD-Objektiv" ist kein separates Zubehör erforderlich.

UCL-67 XD Close-up Lens
“XD Mount" for one-touch lens attachment and removal The newly developed "XD Mount" enables one-touch lens attachment and removal. The "XD Mount" on a lens provides high durability, thin design without compromising lens optical performance and speedy lens attachment/removal in combination with XD Mount on housing side which has reasonable price and anti-slip lock function. Features The UCL-67 XD underwater close-up lens is designed to deliver high magnification yet superior image quality best suited to full frame SLR macro lenses of focal length 60mm - 100mm with comfortable long working distance enabling easy lighting. The lens also supports mirrorless as well as compact system. Compatible Lens A telephoto macro lens with a minimum focus distance longer than 20cm is recommended (*1)(*2) Using short minimum focus distance lenses will reduce the magnification. (*1) Vignetting may be observed depends on the distance between master lens and lens port glass and/or UCL-67 and lens port glass. (*2) Only usable when the focal length is between 60mm and 100mm range at 35mm film equivalent. Beyond this range, there will be vignetting at the wide side and deteriorated image quality at the telephoto side. CANON RF100mm F2.8 L MACRO IS USM without close-up lens CANON RF100mm F2.8 L MACRO IS USM with UCL-67 XD   Powerful magnification with underwater focal length 67mm (+15 diopter). Maximum magnification of the UCL-67 with range of 100mm macro lens for full frame SLR is 2.76x (area ratio: 7.65x) at the minimum focusing distance. (*3)   While the UCL-67 delivers high magnification, it still offers long working distance. When using with 100mm range macro lens for SLR, working distance is 52mm (83.4mm from housing port surface) at minimum focusing distance (*3). Together with its compact size, the lens supports friendly lighting even at minimum focusing distance. (*3) When using for AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED. The lens is consists of 4 elements in 3 groups using high refractive index glass to accommodate with a macro lens for full-frame digital SLR with compact body yet delivering high magnification and superior image quality.   Employing achromatic lens effectively suppresses chromatic aberration and anti-reflection coating on all surfaces suppresses flare/ghost. Designed sole use underwater to provide effectively suppressed aberrations in all focal range and unparalleled high quality image on any supported shooting range. (*4) (*4) This lens is designed for underwater use only. Using on land will have less magnification, distortion, vignetting etc.   Optional "Lens Adapter Ring for UCL-67/90" is attached on the front end of the UCL-67 lens barrel allowing to stack INON M67 series, "UCL-165M67"/"UCL-330" to support even higher magnification for super macro imaging needs. (*5) (*5) Other higher magnification close-up lens, "UCL-67 M67", "UCL-90 M67" and "UCL-100M67"are not usable as those combinations will have significantly degrade image Quality.

UWL-400Q Weitwinkel-Aufsatzlinse
Das Fantasea UWL-400Q Weitwinkelobjektiv ist ein superscharfes Weitwinkel-Wechsel-Objektiv, das am Gewinde des Gehäuseports befestigt wird und während des Tauchgangs montiert und entfernt werden kann. Das Objektiv ist kompatibel mit dem Fantasea Bayonet System (QRS). Bajonettadapter können separat bestellt werden. Die UWL-400Q wurde für Kameras mit einem 24mm-Objektiv (35mm äquivalent) oder einem höheren Fokusbereich entwickelt. Es ist perfekt, um Unterwasser-Landschaften, Taucher, Schiffswracks und Fischschwärme zu fotografieren, ohne sich weiter vom Motiv zu entfernen, und trotzdem die Vorteile der Wasserklarheit und der künstlichen Beleuchtung voll auszuschöpfen. Es ermöglicht auch die Fokussierung auf kurze Entfernungen, was es perfekt für CFWA (Close Focus Wide Angle) Aufnahmen macht.  Der UWL-400Q ist kompakt und leicht, was eine einfache Lagerung und Transport sowie eine komfortable Handhabung des Objektivs während des Tauchgangs ermöglicht. Kompatibilität Die UWL-400Q ist mit den meisten Kameras mit einem 24mm-Objektiv (oder einem höheren Fokusbereich) kompatibel. Es kann auch mit einigen Kameras mit einem weitwinkligeren Objektiv verwendet werden, indem man hineinzoomt, um eine Vignette zu vermeiden.  Der UWL-400Q hat ein 52mm-Gewinde und kann direkt an Objektivanschlüssen mit 52mm Gewinde oder mit einem kompatiblen Adapter an Objektivanschlüssen mit anderem Gewinde montiert werden. Der EyeDaptor M67-F52 Objektivadapter ist im Lieferumfang enthalten und ermöglicht die Montage der Linse an Gehäusen mit 67mm Gewindeanschluss.  Alternativ kann die in das Objektiv eingeschraubte 52-mm-Gewindeadapterhalterung durch eine Bajonettbefestigung (separat erhältlich) ersetzt werden, um eine schnelle und einfache Montage und Demontage des Objektivs bei Verwendung mit einem kompatiblen Bajonettsystem (QRS) zu ermöglichen. 

UWL-95 C24 M52 wide angle conversion lens by INON
The UWL-95 C24 is a completely renewed wide-angle conversion lens for 24 mm (35 mm equivalent) digital cameras.  Features of the UWL-95 C24 The maximum viewing angle is 95° underwater/159° in air (*1). The combination with the optional Super Wide Angle Dome Extension IIIA/Dome Extension IIIG further increases the angle of view underwater up to 141° (*1). The completely renewed optical design effectively avoids flare/ghosting even in backlit conditions to deliver a sharp and high quality image. The UWL-95 C24 is designed to support a large sensor type 1.0 camera with fast prime lens. By using the UWL-95 C24, the minimum focusing distance can be drastically reduced, allowing the subject on the lens to be in focus both on land and underwater. The mounting thread is an M52 socket. An optional M67 type1 screw ring for UWL-95 C24 or an M67 type2 screw ring for UWL-95 C24 is available as an option, making it easy to convert from M52 mount to M67 mount or to convert the original M67 type to the other type(*2). Compatible camera systems (as of April 2020) Olympus TG-6/PT-059 Olympus TG-5/PT-058 Olympus TG-3,4/PT-056

UWL-95S XD Wide Conversion Lens
The new "XD Mount" bayonet mount from INON is easy to attach and detach by pressing the locking lever and turning the lens halfway.  With the XD Lens Holder, you can easily switch between wide-angle and macro. You can comfortably shoot macro subjects and dynamic underwater landscapes, even in a single dive.  With the XD Mount, you don't have to worry about anchoring the lens due to salt build-up, as can happen with screw-type lens mounts. The "XD Mount" was developed exclusively for the original housings of the Olympus "Tough TG" series and the Sony "RX100" series.  The "XD Mount" is equipped with a stopper that prevents accidental turning and rattling. In addition, the "XD Mount" does not obstruct any fibre optic cable when a wide-angle converter is attached to an Olympus housing.  No separate accessories are required for the combined use of flash unit and "XD Lens".

UWL-S100 ZM80 Wide Conversion Lens
Dual use (land / underwater) wide conversion lens specially designed for particular wide cameras having master lens wider than 28mm (35mm film equivalent) or having super zoom with longer extension. You can get ultra wide underwater imaging with approx. 80mm focal length (35mm film equivalent) setting on the camera not as like standard wide conversion lens.   The maximum view angle is 100°underwater for wide imaging and 179.8°on land for fish-eye imaging.   Unique optical design allows to shorten minimum focal distance with ultra wide view angle thus effective for wide macro shot.   The lens construction is 4 elements in 4 groups by optical glasses. Subject side lens surface is water-shedding magenta coating and inner lenses have multi coating to suppress reflection by lenses themselves to suppress chromatic aberration.   Optional "Dome Lens Unit II for UWL-S100 ZM80" further increases maximum view angle to 149.8°underwater for semi-fisheye imaging.   The UWL-S100 ZM80 is attached on compatible camera housing via combination of "Lens Adapter Base" which is exclusively designed for each housing and appropriate "Mount Converter".   The lens barrel has threaded wall to adjust lens position back and forth to accommodate with different master lenses among many compact digital cameras.   (*1) Optional "M52-M67 Mount Converter for UWL-S100 ZM80" is necessary. (*2) Optional "M52-LD Mount Converter for UWL-S100 ZM80" is necessary.

Wet dome port (67mm thread)
The 67mm Wet Mate Dome Port restores the camera's field of view in the air and is razor sharp in the corners. This lens is relatively inexpensive, small and lightweight. The Wet Mate Dome Port eliminates the pincushion distortion effect when the camera is zoomed far underwater.

Wet Wide Lens C (WWL-C) by Nauticam
The next evolution of the WWL-1 is here!   As the versatility and capability of compact cameras increases, Nauticam has developed a smaller and lighter water contact wide angle lens tailored specifically to the compact camera user.  Designed from the ground up to match the compact camera's form factor without sacrificing optical quality, the WWL-C is a powerful addition to not only Nauticam compact housings but also, via an optional adapter, to those from other manufacturers such as the Olympus TG-6 and their PT-059 housing. Introducing Wet Wide Lens for Compact Cameras (WWL-C) With the original Wet Wide Lens, the WWL-1, Nauticam used computer aided lens design software to create an underwater-specific corrective lens that allowed for an unprecedented 130º field-of-view with full zoom-through optics and extreme close focus capabilities.  The WWL-1 wasn't just for higher end cameras that already benefitted from interchangeable lenses to attain better image quality, the WWL-1 was designed to work with a variety of cameras that featured a 28mm equivalent lens including compacts and micro-four thirds.  Delivering a stunningly sharp 130º field-of-view with 24mm equivalent lenses, the WWL-C also features zoom-through capable optics.** The WWL-C features a pre-installed metal buoyancy collar and a non-removable metal dome shade.   The WWL-C will also feature an updated quick-release Bayonet Mount.  Lenses that feature the new Bayonet Mount II will not be compatible with previous Bayonet Mount adapters but all Bayonet Mount lenses will be able to be used with the new Bayonet Mount II Bayonet Mount Adapters without modification.   In the sidebar you will find a list of anticipated housing compatibility along with the supported focal-length range as well as the necessary port configuration for the Bayonet Mount II standard. Compact Housings The WWL-C is designed around the 24mm focal length which is commonly the widest focal length for fixed-lens compact cameras.  While the WWL-1 was also able to deliver 130º field-of-view it required that the camera's lens be zoomed in slightly to 28mm.  With the WWL-C, there's no more need to zoom to avoid vignette!  This also means that more of the camera's zoom range is available.   The new NA-TG6 (17816) for the Olympus Tough TG-5 and TG-6 cameras is WWL-C ready out-of-the-box as it comes with the new Bayonet Mount II converter pre-installed.  With the TG-5 and TG-6 the WWL-C allows for use of the 25-100mm zoom range! For those compact housings with the N50 interchangeable port system, there are new short ports with Bayonet Mount II adapters pre-installed. Configurations for some of the latest models: Sony RX100 VII in the NA-RX100VII use (38705) N50 Short Port 17 with Bayonet Mount with a usable zoom range of 24-30mm Canon PowerShot G5X Mark II in the NA-G5XII use (38703) N50 Short Port 25 with Bayonet Mount with a usable zoom range of 24-50mm Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 II in the NA-LX100II use (38704) N50 Short Port 22 with Bayonet Mount with a usable zoom range of 24-30mm Complete configurations for all supported models can be found on the Port Chart for the WWL-C. Mirrorless M4/3 Housings The WWL-C is not just for compact cameras!  The Panasonic LUMIX G VARIO 12-32mm F3.5-5.6 ASPH. MEGA O.I.S. lens, when used with (36165) N85 Power zoom macro port 29 and the (83250) M67 to bayonet converter II allows for the use of the full 12-32mm zoom range. Mirrorless APS-C Housings Sony, Canon, Nikon and Fuji Mirrorless APS-C can all benefit from the WWL-C.  The Sony SELP1650 E PZ 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 OSS offers excellent performance from 17-50mm with only slight vignetting at 16mm.  The compact size of the WWL-C works in tandem with the low profile series of Nauticam housing for Sony's E-mount APS-C series of cameras such as the NA-A6600 and NA-A6400 to provide a travel-friendly package that doesn't compromise optical quality. Adapter for Olympus PT058/PT059 Housings Using the WWL-C with the Olympus PT058 and PT059 Housings for their Tough TG-5 and TG-6 cameras is now also an option with the (83256) Bayonet Mount Converter for Olympus PT058/059. 

BigEye Lens F Series
The BigEye Lens F Series is Patented Wide Angle Lens for the Fantasea FG7XII, FG7X, FG16, FG15, FP7100 and FP7000 Housings (for Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II, G7 X, Powershot G16, Powershot G15, Nikon Coolpix P7100 & Nikon Coolpix P7000), which fits over the housing port and can be installed and removed during the course of the dive. Perfect for shooting seascape, divers, ship wrecks and schools of fish, without moving further away from the subject, thereby still taking full advantage of water clarity and artificial light sources. NOW WITH IMPROVED AR (Anti-Reflection) COATING! The BigEye Lens F Series introduces a new design, which enables installing color correction filters inside the lens, thereby producing underwater wide angle vivid and colorful images or videos. The lens features a dedicated slot that allows for easy installation of red or pink color correction insert discs, which restore the colors absorbed by water. Compatibility Specially designed for the FG7XII, FG7X, FG16, FG15, FP7100 and FP7000 Housings (for Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II, G7 X, Powershot G16, Powershot G15, Nikon Coolpix P7100 & Nikon Coolpix P7000) The following color correction inserts can be installed inside a dedicated slot of the BigEye Lens in order to restore the colors absorbed by water in underwater images and videos: RedEye Insert included with the RedEye Filter F Series (FS5211) PinkEye Insert included with the PinkEye Filter F Series (FS5212)

Dome Objektiv Unit II für UWL-S100 ZM80
Die Super-Dome-Option für das UWL-S100 ZM80 Weitwinkel-Konverterobjektiv zur Vergrößerung des Unterwasser-Sichtwinkels durch einfaches Aufsetzen auf das kompatible Weitwinkel-Konverterobjektiv, um im Vergleich zur alleinigen Verwendung des UWL-S100 ZM80 unter Wasser "mehr Weitwinkel-Bild" und "mehr Nahaufnahme-Bild" zu liefern. Der Sichtwinkel beträgt unter Wasser 149,8° mit dem "UWL-S100 ZM80"-Weitwinkelkonverter. Das optische Design ermöglicht eine Verkürzung der minimalen Brennweite bei superweitem Sichtwinkel, was für die Aufnahme von ultraweiten Makroaufnahmen und die Erfassung eines klaren Bildes auch bei schlechten Sichtverhältnissen wirksam ist. Die Dome Objektiv Unit II wurde speziell für das Weitwinkel-Konverterobjektiv UWL-S100 ZM80 entwickelt, wodurch es kompakt und leicht ist. Das Optische Glas hat eine Antireflex-Mehrfachvergütung und eine Entspiegelung-Beschichtung auf der Innenseite, um Streulicht und Geisterbilder zu unterdrücken und die Haltbarkeit zu verbessern, während die Außenseite mit einer Hartvergütung versehen ist, um versehentliche Kratzer zu verhindern. Die mitgelieferte Streulichtblende schirmt unnötiges Licht ab, um ein klares Bild zu erhalten und versehentliche Beschädigungen der Linsenoberfläche zu verhindern.

UCL-90 XD Close-up Lens
A close-up lens that offers comfortable high magnification and a longer working distance to easily fill the light. The lens has been specifically designed for underwater use to achieve high image quality and a particularly compact body with the HR lens. The UCL-90 is suitable as a macro lens for both full-frame SLR systems and compact digital cameras. Compatible lenses: 60mm-100mm macro lens for full frame SLRs (*1) 40mm-60mm macro lens exclusively for APS-C (*1) 45mm-60mm macro lens (*1), standard zoom lens (*2) for Micro Four Thirds Compact digital camera with maximum optical zoom 5x or less (*2) (*1) Vignetting may occur in housing systems where the distance between the main lens of the camera and the surface of the port, or between this product and the port, is very large. (*2) The usable zoom range is between 60 mm and 100 mm (35 mm film equivalent). Outside this range, there is vignetting at wide angle and poorer image quality at telephoto. High magnification with a focal length of 90 mm (+11 diopters). The maximum magnification when using this lens with a 100 mm macro lens for a full-frame SLR system is x2.23 (area ratio x4.98) (*3), which is an intermediate performance between "UCL-67" (+15 diopters) and "UCL-165" (+6 diopters). The UCL-67 offers high magnification and a long working distance at the same time. When used with a 100 mm macro lens for SLR cameras, the working distance is 69 mm at minimum focal length (*3). Together with its compact size, the lens provides friendly illumination even at minimum focusing distance. (*3) When used with the AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED. Designed exclusively for underwater use, the lens effectively suppresses aberrations throughout the focal range to deliver sharp, high-contrast images even at close shooting distances. (*4). (*4) This lens is designed for underwater use only. When used on land, the subject will not be enlarged and distortion will occur at the edges of the image or vignetting, etc. The use of HR glass makes the lens compact and suitable for a wide range of camera systems, from 100mm macro SLR lenses to compact digital cameras (*5). The compact lens body also means there are fewer lighting restrictions, so you can use a variety of lighting techniques. (*5) The usable zoom range is between 60 mm and 100 mm (35 mm film equivalent). Beyond this range, there is vignetting in the wide-angle range and poorer image quality in the telephoto range. The lens consists of 3 elements in 2 groups and effectively suppresses chromatic aberration by using an achromatic lens inside. An anti-reflective coating on all lens surfaces also suppresses flare/glare. The optional "Lens Adapter Ring for UCL-67" attaches to the M65 thread of the UCL-67 and allows the INON M67 series "UCL-165M67"/"UCL-330" to be stacked on the front of the UCL-67 for even higher magnification for super macro photography. (*6) (*6) Other close-up lenses with higher magnification, such as "UCL-67 M67","UCL-90 M67" or "UCL-100M67", are not recommended due to deterioration of image quality. The lens mount is the versatile "XD Mount" bayonet mount.

UFL-G140 SD Underwater Semi-fisheye Conversion Lens
Ultra Wide Even Underwater Though an action camera is equipped with ultra wide lens, its coverage underwater will dramatically narrow down due to different refraction ratio between air and water. For example, maximum angle of view of GoPro® HERO10 Black is approx. 151° on land which will narrow down to approx. 94° when we put the camera in genuine dive housing and bring it underwater due to different refraction index. The INON UFL-G140 SD provides ultra wide semi-fisheye imaging with angle of view 140° underwater enabling wild underwater video work only with action cameras. * Measured angle of view by INON or calculated angle of view underwater based on the measured angle of view. Not confirmed by camera manufacture. The measured angle of view of “HERO3+ Silver Edition” is approx. 142°(air) which is less wide than the “Black Edition”. So angle of view underwater with this lens is less than 140°. The “HERO3+ White Edition” has not been tested. Dynamic CFWA Imaging Shooting through the INON UFL-G140 SD lens enables you to shoot a subject at close range to benefit deformed and/or perspective result. The native depth of field (DoF) of the GoPro® HERO10 Black on land is approx. 60cm/2ft to 8. With the INON UFL-G140 SD, DoF underwater will be extended to 4cm/1.6in to 8 closer to camera side. * DoF on land is based on focal length/aperture of camera lens and pixel pitch of the image sensor. DoF underwater is measured from "the forefront of the lens".

UFL-M150 ZM80 Micro Fisheye Vorsatzlinse von INON
Diese Fisheye-Vorsatzlinse ist eine so genannte "Insektenaugenlinse". Das Objektiv ist so konstruiert, dass es bei ca. 80 mm Zoomposition (35 mm Film-Äquivalent) genutzt werden kann, anders als Standard-Weitwinkelkonverter (*4). Der Blickwinkel beträgt 150°. Das objektseitige Objektiv hat einen kompakten Durchmesser von 32,9 mm und einen minimale Fokussierabstand von 0 cm, um ein winziges Objekt im gesamten Bild zusammen mit dem Hintergrund zu erfassen. Das UFL-M150 ZM80 ist ein Objektiv zur Konvertierung des afokalen Systems, das die Lichtstärke des kombinierten Masterobjektivs nicht beeinträchtigt und Ihnen die Nutzung der Vorteile des AF (Autofokus) der Kamera ermöglicht. Sie können die Vorteile der INON "S-TTL" Belichtungsautomatik der INON Z-330, D-200, S-2000 voll ausnutzen, um durch einfaches Drücken des Auslösers geeignete Belichtungsbilder zu erhalten. Der Objektivtubus hat eine Gewindewand, um die Linsenposition vor und zurück zu justieren, um mit verschiedenen Masterobjektiven unter vielen kompakten Digitalkameras (*5) übereinzustimmen. Die UFL-M150 ZM80 wird auf einem kompatiblen Kameragehäuse mittels einer Kombination aus "Mount Base", die exklusiv für jedes Gehäuse entwickelt wurde, und einem geeigneten "Mount Converter" befestigt.  (*1) Der optionale "M27-M67-Mount Konverter für UFL-M150 ZM80" ist erforderlich.(*2) Der optionale "M27-AD Mount Converter für UFL-M150 ZM80" ist erforderlich.(*3) Der optionale "M27-LD-Mount-Konverter für UFL-M150 ZM80" ist erforderlich.(*4) Dieses Objektiv ist nur für den Unterwassereinsatz vorgesehen. Bei Verwendung an Land wird kein Bild erzeugt.(*5) Nicht verwendbar für eine kompakte Digitalkamera mit großem Master-Objektiv oder Super-Zoom-Funktion oder ein Wechselobjektiv für ein SLR-Kamerasystem.