CB7200P Underwater Video Light

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Product number: BL0386
HAN: CB7200P
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The CB7200P is a 7200 lumen, 120º extra-wide beam video lamp with a CRI of 85. Includes a rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack and charger, a rugged handheld mount and a 1-inch ball mount for easy installation.

  • 7200 lumens at 5000K colour temperature
  • A 120° extra wide beam angle
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 27100×4 provides two hours on highest setting.
  • Four power levels to reduce intensity and increase battery life
  • Colour-coded battery indicator
  • 100 m rated depth
Arm Attachment: 1-inch ballhead
Battery: Battery pack
Beam angle: 120°
Body Material: aluminum
CRI: Ra 85
Colour temperature: 5000 Kelvin
Luminosity: 7200 Lumen
Pane material: Optical glass
Technical data

  • Light source: COB LED + 6 x XPE Red LED.

  • Light output: 720 Lm (level I), 1800 Lm (level II), 3600 Lm (level III), 7200 Lm (level IV). Red mode: 500 Lm

  • Materials of manufacture: Aluminium alloy. Corrosion resistant anodised

  • Power source: BATCELL 21700×4

  • Beam angle: 120° wide

  • Colour temperature: 5000 K

  • Light duration: 2 hrs (level IV), 4 hrs (level III), 8 hrs (level II), 20 hrs (level I)

  • Maximum depth: 100 m tested

  • Dimensions: Diameter 63 mm, length 134.6 mm

  • Weight in air: 653 g (batteries included)

  • Buoyancy in sea water: -272 g (batteries included)

  • Switching system: Push button with battery indicator

Scope of delivery

  • CB7200P video light by BigBlue Lights

  • Rechargeable Battery

  • Charger

  • Goodman Glove

  • 1” Ball Mount

  • Lanyard

  • Two Spare O-rings

  • Silicone Lube

  • Dry Bag

  • Owner’s Manual

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Spare parts

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Ball head adapter on screw plate by BigBlue
Standard 1-inch ball head adapter with screw. Fits any BigBlue light with a two-pin mounting frame (1800 series and up).

on stock
Spare battery BATCELL21700X4
Spare battery for the following underwater lights from BigBlue Dive Lights: CB6500P CB6500PB CB7200P CB7200PB CB9000P CB10000P CB10000PB-RC CB10000PB-RCP CB11000PB-RC CB11000PB-RCP This is a specially designed battery pack consisting of 4 pieces of 21700 cells combined with a reliable protection circuit that provides a variety of protection functions built into the pack.

on stock
Battery Charger BATCHR21700X4
This battery charger (Batchr18650X4) is designed exclusively for the battery pack used in the following dive lights: CB6500p CB9000p CB10000P CB10000PB CB10000PBRC The charger has an LED indicator giving a red light when charging and a green light when fully charged. It is recommended that the battery is removed when fully charged.

Snoot 63 by BigBlue
This Snoot63 is for CB7200P, CB7200PB, CB11000P, CB11000PB. The snoot fits on to the light head making the wide-beam angles narrow.

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Ambient-Filter AF63 (10-15 m)
Environmental filter with 63 mm diameter. For example, for use with: CB6500P/CB6500PB CB7200P, CB7200PB CB9000P CB10000P/CB10000PRC CB11000P/CB11000PRC CAUTION: The filter attachment must only be used in water. There is a fire hazard when used in the air.

Ambient-Filter AF63-LB (5-10 m)
Ambient filter with 63 mm diameter. For example, for use with: CB6500P/CB6500PB CB7200P, CB7200PB CB9000P CB10000P/CB10000PRC CB11000P/CB11000PRC CAUTION: The filter attachment may only be used in water. There is a risk of fire if used in air.


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The CB7200PB is equipped with 3 color choices for maximum underwater creativity! This light is like having 3 lights in one as it has white, blue and red LED’s all built into the light housing. It also comes with a rugged TL-GLOVE for hands free mounting AND a 1? ball mount for easy camera tray mounting. The white video LED’s are a powerful 6500 lumens and a 120 degree extra wide beam angle. Other options included are the intense blue LED’s that are for fluoro-diving performance and the Red LEDs for sneaking up on all sorts of underwater life. The 120° beam angle is perfect for use with any underwater camera or for revealing sea life throughout the sea. There are no visible hard edges in any of the color settings which makes any video editing a breeze. Features: Chip on Board (COB) LED 6 x XPE Red LED’s 8 x XPE Blue LED’s An extra-large 120° beam angle with no visible edge The rechargeable Li-Ion 26650 battery (included) gives you 2 hours on the high Multiple power settings to reduce the intensity and increase battery life Anodized aluminum housing means rugged dependability Color-coded battery indicator TL-GLOVE for hands free use 100M depth rating Comes with a clip for easy camera system setup Comes with a dry bag