TTL-Converter for Sony A6600 in Nauticam housings


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Product number: UT11077-HSS

Optoelectronic TTL converter (for SONY) for NAUTICAM underwater housing NA-A6600.

Compatible underwater flashes: Inon Z-330 / Z-240 / S-2000, Sea&Sea YS-D1 / YS-D2 (made in China) / YS-250, Ikelite DS160 /, DS160, Subtronic Pro-270 / Pro-160, RetraFlash PRO

TTL and HSS on the RetraFlash

Fantastic TTL accuracy allows photographers to relax and rely entirely on automatic flash exposure control. Many creative tasks are made possible by using extremely fast HSS shutter speeds of up to 1/8000 with the Retra Pro flash in manual mode. The TTL converter firmware also has some other important updates related to its common functionality.

  • The Retra PRO profile can be set by the user üvia the TTL converter's built-in rotary switch.
  • The TTL/M modes can be switched underwater simply by using the camera name or the flash button.
  • In manual mode, the flash intensity can be adjusted manually üvia the camera wheel/scale, but also üvia the flash control knob.
  • (+/-) TTL flash compensation is supported by the firmware, the full range is available via the camera control in the range -3ev......+3ev.
  • The firmware supports sync settings for the 1-st /2-nd curtain and the rear curtain.
  • Continuous (serial) recording is supported.
  • The HSS firmware of the TTL converter supports the HSS functionality of the Retra Pro flash. The built-in rotary switch must be set to the Retra Pro profile (position - "7"). Available HSS shutter speeds for Sony A7-A9: 1/320 ....1/8000 sec. The Retra flash allows the HSS flash intensity to be set using the rotary knob.
  • In the updated firmware, switching to HSS shutter speeds is also included in the general functionality of the TTL converter (also for all other positions of the rotary switch), - usable for shooting with ambient light at high shutter speeds if required. However, the X-Sync speed limit (1/250 for Sony A7-A9) is still automatically supported for TTL modes, as required for mono flash TTL underwater flash.
  • Incredibly long battery life in the TTL converter: 1-3 years of continuous operation. The product has extremely low power consumption.
  • The converter features an automatic on/off switching module that saves battery power. No mechanical switch is required to switch UW Technics TTL converters on and off.
  • The TTL converter firmware includes TTL profiles for the following underwater flashes: Retra Pro, Inon Z-330/ Z-240/S-2000, Sea&Sea YS-D2/ YS-D1/ YS-250, Ikelite DS-161/ DS-160 and Subtronic Pro-270/Pro-160. Each profile can be easily set by the user üvia an onboard switch.
  • Full compatibility with all SONY mirrorless cameras, regardless of model and TTL protocol version.
Data according to manufacturer. Errors and changes reserved.
Technical data

Compatible underwater strobes::

  • Inon S-220, Z330, Z240

  • Ikelite DS-161, DS-160

  • Sea&Sea YS-D1, YS-D3 II, YS-250

  • Ikelite DS-230, DS-162, DS161, DS160, DS-125

  • Subtronic Pro-270, Pro-160

  • RetraFlash PRO X

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TTL-Converter for Sony A6600 in Nauticam housings by UW-Technics

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YS-D3 DUO Underwater Strobe
High-spec underwater strobe with large light output The YS-D3 DUO by Sea&Sea is a high-specification underwater strobe with three shooting modes: DS-TTL, RC mode, and manual. The YS-D3 DUO delivers even and uniform light distribution with a large light output of GN33. Custom settings allow the strobe to be used with high precision with a variety of cameras and shooting styles. Shooting Mode The mode switch can be used to switch between "DS-TTL", "RC mode", and "Manual". It is conveniently identifiable by color. Blue: DS-TTL Red: RC mode Orange: Manual 1 Highly accurate DS-TTL dimming DS-TTL dimming accuracy has been greatly improved by adopting a newly designed light receiving sensor. By applying detailed custom settings, it can be used with high accuracy with a wide variety of cameras of multiple brands. *When shooting TTL with a camera of a brand other than OM SYSTEM (OLYMPUS), select DS-TTL as the shooting mode. *Pre-custom settings must be made for each camera in advance when shooting with DS-TTL. In DS-TTL mode. Exposure compensation can be made with the light level control dial on the right. +2.0 to -2.0 Highly accurate DS-TTL dimming The "RC System" is a flash system for OM SYSTEM digital cameras, and the YS-D3 DUO was developed in collaboration with OM Digital Solutions to incorporate the RC mode. RC mode is a light control mode in which the camera automatically controls the flash output based on the brightness through the lens. The YS-D3 DUO is equipped with a more precise "RC mode" that was developed based on system information officially provided by OM Digital Solutions. The YS-D3 DUO is equipped with a more precise "RC mode" developed based on the system information officially provided by OM Digital Solutions. *Since the strobe is system-linked to the camera, flash output compensation can be adjusted not only on the strobe side but also on the camera side while shooting in RC mode. *Setting the camera to RC mode can prolong (save) the camera's battery life. In RC mode. The light level control dial on the right can be used for exposure compensation. Manual mode has 11 steps In manual mode, light intensity can be adjusted in 11 steps. The settings are (GN: 1 / 1.4 / 2 / 2.8 / 4 / 5.6 / 8 / 11 / 16 / 22 / 33). The value can be easily seen on the scale on the light intensity adjustment dial. Compatible with digital cameras that do not have a pre-flash function. *Only manual flash is available, but if your camera housing is equipped with a strobe connector/converter connector, you can also use a sync cord to connect the strobe. In manual mode. Select the guide number with the light level control dial. YS-D3 DOU can also be connected with a sync cord Customize The YS-D3 DUO can be set up with high precision to accommodate a variety of shooting styles with different cameras by making custom settings. Refer to the table for settings according to the shooting mode used and the method of synchronizing the camera and strobe. Shooting in DS-TTL mode and manual mode ・ Click here to shoot with DS-TTLusing an optical/TTL converter. *Custom settings are not required when using manual trigger. Use the default settings. ・When shooting in DS-TTL/Manual using the built-in flash. Nikon  Canon  Sony Others *See page E-28 of the instruction manual for procedures to change custom settings. Shooting in RC mode When shooting in RC mode with an OM SYSTEMS (OLYMPUS) camera, no custom settings are required. Select "RC mode shooting" in the flash mode setting on the camera side; YS-D3 DUO should be set to "RC" for shooting mode. *For details on "RC mode shooting," please refer to the user's manual of the camera to be used. Light source This is a high-performance strobe that pursues quality of light, and its high luminous flux and wide beam angle are effective for wide-angle photography with fish-eye lenses and other wide-angle lenses. The strobe also features our proprietary light distribution technology. High light intensity GN33 The light output has a guide number (GN) of 33, one of the highest among general-purpose underwater strobes. The use of two discharge tubes increases power and achieves GN 33 at full flashing. Two discharge tubes Uniform and even light distribution The originally developed "aspherical toroidal lens" is placed in front of the light-emitting tube, and the two discharge tubes and the "aspherical toroidal lens" provide uniform and even light distribution to the periphery, making it an ideal light source for external Illumination. Aspherical optical troidal lens Adjust beam angle with diffuser The beam angle is 80°×105° without the diffuser and 100°×110° with the included diffuser for soft lighting. When the optional dome diffuser is attached, the beam angle increases to 150°×170°. The dome diffuser is effective when using a fisheye lens or when lighting with soft light (guide number is reduced by approximately -1.5 EV). Without diffuser With attached diffuser (optional) Dome diffuser installed Operability Sea&Seas particular emphasis on ease of use, especially underwater handling. The more you use it, the more you will appreciate its easy-to-turn dial, easy-to-see panel display, and good underwater balance. Large dial Underwater operation is performed with the mode switch and light intensity control dial. The large dials are non-slip and the height difference allows smooth operation even when wearing thick gloves. It is designed to stop in steps with a click-click to minimize malfunctions. Large dial Easy-to-read backlit panel The indicator color changes each time the mode switch is repositioned. Blue (in DS-TTLII mode), red (in RC mode), yellow (in manual mode with pre-flash), and green (in manual mode without pre-flash) are the different colors for identification, so positioning of the controls is easy to see even when night diving. In DS-TTLII mode In RC mode In manual non pre-flash mode Underwater Balance YS-D3 DUO by Sea&Sea has almost zero buoyancy with the ball mount and clamp in place. Heavy underwater weight requires unexpected force to operate the clamp, but the YS-D3 DUO is unaffected by buoyancy, so operation is smooth. Even if you change the strobe position, the underwater balance of the entire housing set does not change significantly and you can feel how easy it is to handle. Two patterns of target lights The LED target light function is useful for focusing and checking the beam angle of the strobe. Choose either 300 lumens or 150 lumens depending on the situation. 300 lumen 150 lumen One-touch battery replacement The power source is AA batteries, which are widely distributed in general. Four of the same type (1.5V alkaline AA batteries and 1.2V nickel-hydrogen AA batteries). The battery box is opened and closed by a bayonet type that does not put a burden on the O-ring. It is a one-touch operation and does not require force like the screw-in type. Hook for Fiber Optics A hook for fiber-optic cable on the strobe body smartly guides the fiber-optic cable. How to connect with the arm of your choice A straight type ball base is included, but the YS base or Strobe Ball Base 35 can be attached as an option depending on the application. (optional) YS base (optional) Diagonal ball base Accessories A wide variety of accessories expand the shooting range. Snoot An adapter that turns a strobe light into a spot light. An internal prism allows the optical axis of the target light to be perfectly aligned with the optical axis of the strobe light. The beam aperture is 25mm and the use of a snoot cuts off light around the subject to make only the subject stand out. Dome diffuser Diffuser that widens the beam angle to 150° x 170°. Light intensity is reduced by approximately -1.5 EV (GN28). Flash prism Light guiding prism that can emit YS-D3 DUO light without using a fiber-optic cable; supports RC mode and manual Emission.

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Retra Flash PRO Max Underwater Strobe
The Pro Max has the highest power output of the new Retra Flash Series, a fresh OLED back panel display and offers the highest level of versatility that is appreciated by all underwater photographers. Engineered to Perfection For over a decade, a group of engineers and underwater photographers have teamed up with a single goal in mind: develop a true lighting tool for underwater photography. To reach this goal, we continuously examined feedback from photographers during every step of the development process. The end result is a travel friendly strobe that delivers top-tier performance in any lighting condition. So, whether you're a professional or just diving into the world of underwater photography, the Retra Flash will be your trusted companion on all your underwater adventures. 4th Generation of Underwater Strobe Technology With our 4th generation series, we listened to all your comments and made changes to the Retra Flash to better suit your needs. Electronics were completely redesigned with efficiency and performance in mind 4th Gen. Retra Flash uses less power for the same light output Optical triggering system is more reliable and able to read optical input even from sub-optimal fiber optic cables. Intuitive Back Panel Controls We've spent hundreds of hours analyzing feedback from photographers on the field and tweaking our designs to bring you a back panel you are immediately familiar with. We're also introducing a brand new innovation that is the centerpiece of the new Retra Flash Pro Max. The OLED display shows relevant information based on selected mode. The information is uncluttered and clearly displayed - even in sunny shallow waters! Information that can be seen on the display: Current mode Power setting Battery life indicator Capacitor recycle indicator And more! A reliable power source is the key Our 4th generation Retra Flash models have a completely redesigned battery compartment that can now hold 8x AA cells without the need for a separate battery compartment, when using the Booster. The Retra Flash is also the only underwater strobe with a built-in leakage detection system that warns you if water gets into the battery compartment. 

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S-220 Underwater Strobe
Ultra Wide, High Power, Compact Underwater Strobe Achieved an increades GN22 with the same compact size as the previous model (INON S-2000). A high-perfomance fly-eye dome to dramatically increase beam angle underwater. Large wheel dial for operability, easy to see phosphorescent panel. Double O-Rings greatly reduce the risk of flooding. Compact body yet delivers GN22 Equipped with a fly-eye dome lens enabling super wide underwater beam angle of horizontal 140°×vertical 100° Reliable and proven "S-TTL Auto" and 12-step "Manual Flash Large wheel dial for dramatically improved operability. A phosphorescent panel for easy readability Double O-rings greatly reduce the risk of flooding Front positioned base contributes more flexible lighting Operates on four AA batteries, readily available and reasonably priced Compatible with various strobe dome filters Supports "Quick Holder" for easy one-touch attachment/detachment Compact yet Powerful GN22 Despite of compact body, the S-220 spreads high-power GN22. The full-scale performance coupled with a wide underwater beam angle provides unparalleled performance as a main strobe in all areas, regardless of whether for wide-angle or macro photography or compact digital camera or SLR camera. Super Wide Beam of 140° Horizontal x 100° Vertical Underwater Created by Fly-eye Dome Lens A precisely calculated and uniquely designed fly-eye dome lens for the light-emitting part attains extraordinary underwater beam angles of 140° horizontally × 100° vertically with minimal light distribution Variation. This wide beam angle perfectly fills the "UWL-95S XD" + "Dome Lens Unit III" underwater coverage of horizontal 140° x vertical 100° (at 4:3 aspect ratio), enabling a single S-220 strobe to illuminate the entire image. Reliable "S-TTL Auto" and 12-step "Manual Flash" Equipped with reliable and proven INON original high-precision automatic "S-TTL Auto" flash control system and 12 step "Manual Flash" function with -0.5EV. increment. The S-TTL Auto system can be used not only with camera's built-in flash but also with INON original TTL converter equipped with INON housings, "X-2 R6 Mark II","X-2 R6" and "X-2 R5" for even more precise TTL system. You will never miss a shutter chance. Large Wheel Dial for Greatly Improved Controllability and Phosphorescent Control Panel Improves Readability Redesigned large control wheel and switches significantly improve operability. In addition, the rear control panel is white-based highly illuminant phosphorescent material, ensuring easy-to-read usability both during day and night diving. Double O-rings Significantly Reduce Flooding Risk Ball adapters such as the "Z Adapter MV" and "Direct Base Ⅲ" is located forward close to the light-emitting surface, instead of rearward in the previous models not let an optical cable to interfere lighting flexibility. Operates on 4 Readily Avaiable, Inexpensive AA Batteries Various Dome Filters The S-220 strobe is equipped with a bayonet mount to use various dome filters.Packaged dome filters are "Strobe Dome Filter S [SOFT]" which increases strobe beam angle to horizontal 150° x vertical 110° while reducing light intensity by -0.5EV. and "Strobe Dome Filter [ND]" which reduces light intensity by -4EV. specifically for macro imaging.In addition, two optional strobe color filters are available: Strobe Dome Filter S [4900K] and Strobe Dome Filter S [4600K], which warms native strobe color temperature 5500K to either 4900K or 4600K.


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Sony A6600 Underwater Housing by Nauticam
THE SONY A6600 E-MOUNT APS-C CAMERA The Sony a6600 is the new flagship model of the venerable APS-C mirrorless line. The a6000 series benefits from a large lens selection and bright Electronic Viewfinder paired with a large 24.2MP Exmor CMOS sensor and high-powered latest generation BIONZ X processor in a compact travel-friendly package. For the a6600 Sony is adding a host of features that will benefit the underwater image maker whether shooting video or stills. Key Camera Specs 24.2 APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor ISO Range of 100-32000 810 shot (CIPA standard) Battery 4K 30p HLG 100Mbps Video Recording Unlimited video record time IMPROVED PROCESSING Sony's 4D autofocus system provides ultra-fast 0.02s and accurate tracking autofocus, taking advantage of the camera's 425 phase-detection autofocus points. With 11fps continuous shooting the a6600 will insure sharp images of fast action scenes. With the new BIONZ X processor comes improved low-light performance and an expanded base ISO range of 100-32,000. With the a6600, when using Auto ISO mode, minimum and maximum ISO values can now be set. 4K VIDEO PERFORMANCE Combined with 5-axis optical image stabilization and HLG 4K 30p video recording, the A6600 is sure to be a video shooter favorite. The 4K footage from the a6500 is oversampled, using the full sensor-width at 24p and downsampling the final result which leads to increased sharpness. For 4K at 30p, the a6600 uses a 1.23x crop. When shooting high-speed FHD at 120p or 100p the footage is from a 1.14x crop. Sony also removed the 30-minute recording time limit restriction. Using the HLG Picture profile for video capture preserves the maximum dynamic range available, allowing for more latitude in post production. ENHANCED CUSTOMIZATION The a6600 has gained a well-placed 'C3' custom button in addition to the existing 'C1' and 'C2' which are located on the top of the housing. The new 'C3" is located on the rear of the housing within thumb's reach. The a6600, similar to its predecessors is greatly customizable to fit the shooter's needs. THE NAUTICAM NA-A6600 UNDERWATER HOUSING Nauticam is the industry leader in mirrorless interchangeable lens underwater camera support. Nauticam has housed more mirrorless cameras, and more Sony E (NEX) Mount cameras than any other housing manufacturer. This experience results in the most evolved housing line with broadest range of accessories available today. Pioneering optical accessories elevate performance to a new level. Magnifying viewfinders, the sharpest super macro accessory lenses ever made, and now the highest quality wet mount wide angle lens (the WWL-1) combine with the NA-A6600 housing to form a complete imaging system. Nauticam is known for ergonomics, and an unmatched experience. Key controls are placed at the photographer’s fingertips. The housing and accessories are light weight, and easy to assemble. The camera drops in without any control presetting, and lens port changes are effortless. NA-A6600 features an integrated handle system. This ergonomic style provides exceptional control access, even with thick gloves, with ideal placement of the shutter release and a thumb-lever to actuate the AE-L / AF-L button from the right handle in addition to the new 'C3' customizable button. Nauticam build quality is well known by underwater photographers around the globe. The housing is machined from a solid block of aluminum, then hard anodized making it impervious to salt water corrosion. Marine grade stainless and plastic parts complete the housing, and it is backed by a two year warranty against manufacturing defects. NOTE: The NA-A6600 is NOT compatible with (36206) N85 to N120 50mm Adapter. It requires the updated (36207) N85 to N120 50mm Port Adapter II. HDMI 1.4 OUTPUT With 4K HDR internal video recording and updated autofocus, pairing the NA-A6600 with an external monitor such as the SmallHD 502 Bright 5" gives video shooters a large, bright screen that features focus and exposure tools. HDMI 1.4 output requires HDMI Bulkhead (25032) as well as a supported monitor housing and internal HDMI cable (25076). WWL-1, CMC-1, AND CMC-2 Three in-house Nauticam optical designs, designed by founder and Managing Director Edward Lai, are the perfect lenses to complete an a6600 underwater system. The magic of the wet lenses is their tremendous versatility, paired with outstanding in-water performance. Both macro and super wide angle optics are available to the underwater photographer on the same dive. These lenses are completely engineered for use in water, providing the highest image quality available today in a wet mount optic. WWL-1 is a wide angle conversion lens, compatible with several lenses in the Sony system. The field of view is widest when paired with the Sigma 19mm f2.8 DN Lens, providing 130 degree diagonal field of view. WWL-1 is also an ideal match for the Sony E 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 PZ OSS lens providing over 100 degree diagonal field of view with full zoom through! With either lens on camera, class leading center sharpness, corner sharpness, and contrast result in the clearest wide angle images possible underwater. CMC-1 and CMC-2 provide the best macro performance available, with two different magnification strengths, suitable for a wide variety of macro subjects. With the popular Sony E 16-50mm F3.5-5.6 PZ OSS lens, CMC-1 is capable of capturing a macro frame 26mm wide, while CMC-2 captures an area 33mm wide. CMC-2 is less strong, making it easier to use with more accurate autofocus. CMC-1 is best suited for the smallest of macro subjects. Macro enthusiasts will surely want both! FAST AND RELIABLE FLASH TRIGGERING Reliable rapid fire manual flash triggering is available with the NA-A6600 for a variety of optically fired flashes when used with a new LED Flash Trigger (36315). The NA-A6600 comes fiber optic ready and accepts standard Sea & Sea style bushing connections. Strobes and light arms can be attached to the housing via included 1? accessory mounting balls. The housing also features a cold-shoe and M10 threaded mount for a focus light or other accessories. Electrical strobe triggering (with power set manually on the flash head) is still an option for those with an investment in legacy lighting gear, requiring the purchase of an accessory electrical bulkhead. BATTERY PACK FOR NA-6600 HOUSING (2500MAH, INC. USB CABLE) (NA36332) The a6600 does feature a larger internal battery but especially when shooting video the benefit of an accessory battery pack greatly extends the time between battery swaps, and allows the housing to remain sealed between dives. The accessory battery pack rests securely below the camera inside the housing and provides power to the camera via USB. INTEGRATED VACUUM CHECK AND LEAK DETECTION SYSTEM The Nauticam vacuum check and leak detection system is available with NA-A6600 as standard equipment. Combined with an optional vacuum valve (PN 25624), this monitoring system provides constant updates on the water tight and safe-to-dive status of the housing. A simple coded LED lighting system lets the user know that the vacuum is solid, or that the housing is losing vacuum. Leak detection is built into the same circuit, so if there is water intrusion, an audible and visual indication will occur.